2018 South By South Central: Volleyball Schedules


Below are the 2018 volleyball schedules for the South Central Conference teams. We will try to have scores updated each Monday, if not before. Any corrections can be emailed to JNsports@consolidated.net.

 HillsboroOpponentWinLoss SCC WinSCC Loss
at Pana16,1925,25 1   
Marquette27,2329,25 1   
at Southwestern23,2325,25 1  1
North Mac at Grace Trn25,19,1515,25,61    
Morrisonville at Grace Trn25,20,1620,25,141    
St. Elmo/Brownstown at Grace Trn25,16,1522,25,51    
Auburn at Grace Trn11,2425,26 1   
Roxana at Grace Trn18,2425,26 1   
at Father McGivney25,2515,221    
Staunton18,1825,25 1  1
Eisenhower at Vandalia Trn23,25,1525,17,81    
Vandalia JV at Vandalia Trn25,2516,231    
Carlyle at Vandalia Trn16,1225,25 1   
Lebanon at Vandalia Trn (3rd)25,17,2521,25,211    
at Roxana18,2225,25 1  1
Morrisonville at Morrisonville Trn23,1725,251    
Edinburg at Morrisonville Trn21,25,1125,11,15 1   
Bunker Hill at Morrisonville Trn26,19,1524,25,91    
Greenville23,1725,25 1  1
Mulberry Grove at Morrisonville Trn25,2518,71    
Taylorville JV at Morrisonville Trn25,2517,201    
at Lincolnwood15,25,2525,15,27 1   
at Gillespie25,2512,191  1 
at Vandalia29,20,2527,25,27 1  1
Carlinville16,25,2525,18,181  1 
at Morrisonville       
at Litchfield       
Totals  1512 25
 LitchfieldOpponentWinLoss SCC WinSCC Loss
at Nokomis25,2514,221    
at Marquette17,2525,27 1   
at Hillsboro8,1925,25 1   
Pawnee14,25,1225,15,25 1   
at East Alton-Wood River25,2518,201    
Greenville18,1625,25 1  1
Edinburg at Grace Trn25,21,1523,25,101    
Staunton at Grace Trn13,2425,26 1   
Auburn at Grace Trn7,1225,25 1   
North Mac at Grace Trn10,1325,25 1   
South County at Grace Trn (11th)19,25,1525,23,131    
at Morrisonville16,2125,25 1   
at Gillespie19,25,2525,20,151  1 
Metro-East Lutheran21,425,25 1   
Vandalia11,25,1525,23,25 1  1
at Southwestern18,1325,25 1  1
at Lincolnwood14,1625,25 1   
Staunton17,1925,25 1  1
Mt. Olive25,25 1    
at Vandalia19,1525,25 1  1
at Roxana13,1925,25 1  1
Pana13,1925,25 1  1
at Jersey Trn       
at Jersey Trn