A Final Obituary From Coonridge


Freida Marie Crump, age 69, died Sunday, Nov. 18, after a prolonged battle with crankiness. She is survived by her intolerable husband, Herb Crump, who said at her passing "Well, who the heck is gonna fix me supper now?"

Freida was born in her family's farmhouse outside Coonridge on Nov. 7, 1949. She was a member of the Coonridge Ladies Auxiliary Guild and Coonridge United Methodist Church.

Freida was a housewife and the author of the Coonridge Digest, a weekly newspaper column where she was sometimes witty, sometimes wise, and sometimes irate, but she always managed to find the truth and beauty in a world that was never quite what she hoped it would become. She often went too far as she narrated our world and our lives, but thousands looked forward to her perspective each week all the same. Her writings are now silent, but her spirit and ideas live on.

You ever in Coonridge, stop by. We won't answer the door anymore but you'll enjoy the trip.

In real life, Freida Marie Crump was Ken Bradbury, retired teacher, author, musician and playwright  who passed away on Nov. 18.  His obituary appeared in the Nov. 21 issue of The Journal-News.

The preceding obituary for Freida Marie Crump was written by Mr. Bradbury's nephew, Doug Bradbury of Barrington.  "It seemed like something Ken might do," his nephew wrote.  "Much of the description comes from the tribute that Ken wrote in 1998 'Mother Muse' that compared his mother–my grandmother–Freida Marie Bradbury to Mrs. Crump."