A GRACE FILLED JOURNEY • Recipes Made With Love Make Memories


When it comes to gift giving, Kyle and I tend not to be super extravagant.

For one thing, there just isn't very much that we want or need. And for another thing, we prefer experiences, like date nights, concerts and fun new restaurants to try.

So, when it comes to Valentine's Day, we don't usually do flowers or jewelry, but I do usually get one of my very favorite treats, chocolate covered strawberries. And the best part is that Kyle helps the girls make them for me each year, so it's a gift from the whole family.

I think it started the Valentine's Day after Grace was one, and Kyle surprised me by getting all the supplies himself and taking photos of him and Grace and all their hard work.

For her part, Grace was a trooper, sampling the melted chocolate, playing with the spoons, and mostly just being adorable. The two of them absolutely managed to surprise me, and it's kind of become a fun tradition.

Last year was Charley's first year to help out, and I think all three of them had a good time. I always love the photos of the girls trying out the chocolate.

As with most recipes for things we do at our home, this one is very simple. And even though it's simple, it's one of our favorites and always makes for some great memories.

Kyle picks out some fresh strawberries at the grocery store and some chocolate chips. He usually gets Ghiardelli, I think because they're fancy. Or it might have been the only ones they had at the store.

We don't technically have a double boiler, so Kyle usually just makes his own. He heats water up in a pan on the stove and then pours chocolate chips into a glass bowl and puts that on top of the pan of water (essentially creating a double boiler).

Kyle and the girls work on melting the chocolate. Both of them like to help him stir them up. Then they dip the fresh strawberries into the melted chocolate and let them dry on a cookie sheet (covered with wax paper).

See what I mean about easy? We definitely like things that are easy at our house, but this is something that's always very special to me. And it means even more that Kyle and the girls do it together.

This year, I hope you and your family find some recipes to try that will make very special memories.

Chocolate Covered


• Fresh Strawberries

• One Bag Chocolate Chips

Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler. Dip strawberries in melted chocolate and let cool. Enjoy!