Bond County Looking For New School Board Member


Aristede Ephron resigned from the Bond County Community School Board on Monday, Feb. 3, after the school district learned last week that his appointment last summer violated school code.

Ephron was appointed in June 2019 to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Ashley Driemeyer, but his appointment resulted in four board members from Central Township, and school code allows for a maximum of three board members from any one township.  In addition to Ephron, board members Nate Prater, Randi Workman and Brian Zeeb also live in Central Township.

Board members Edmar Schreiber and Laura Wall live in Shoal Creek Township, and Dan Sidwell lives in Old Ripley Township.

Illinois school code requires vacancies to be filled within 60 days, and from "the particular area from which his or her predecessor was elected."

Because of that, the school board will be looking for a successor from Burgess Township, the township in which Driemeyer resided at the time of her resignation.  A vacancy notice has been posted on the school district website,, and the board is accepting letters of interest from those who meet the eligibility criteria.


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