Chemical Warfare Against The U.S. Must Be Stopped


America has been under attack for decades by foreign entities employing chemical weapons against us.

Those chemical weapons are the illegal drugs flooding into this country.  No matter what kind of slick rhetoric they use, the Democrats, leftists and all who support open borders are complicit in and guilty of encouraging, inciting and aiding and abetting chemical warfare against this nation.  The drug cartels, the nations that house them, and all who support them in any manner are engaging in chemical warfare by bringing illegal drugs into this country.

Drugs are chemicals.  Illegal importers of illegal drugs are flooding the country with toxic chemicals capable of killing millions upon millions of our citizens.

What action would our federal and state governments take if nerve, mustard and chlorine agents were deployed against us? Heroin and other opium derivatives, fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine in all its forms are deadly agents and must be treated in the same way as other chemical weapons are treated.

This chemical warfare against the United States by foreign entities must be stopped.


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