Couldn't Agree More That All Human Life Has Value


In the Aug. 12 edition of The Journal-News, page 2B, Joe Rollins' political cartoon made the point that, "Gun control is not enough. If we expect to live in a civilized society, free from violence, such as mass shootings . . . we must, at the same time, teach each other, that regardless of race or creed, and our many differences . . . that human life has value." 

I couldn't agree more that human life–all human life–has value.  The confusion in our American society today is the definition of human life, who determines that definition and who decides the value of that life. 

Most people–I hope–would agree that a child that cries, breathes, needs a diaper change and can be held in one's arms is human. Virtually all the women I have known in my 76 years of life, regardless of their ages, have considered a pregnant woman to be bearing a child. Very few think of the life in their wombs to be an embryo or fetus, describing that precious life instead to be a baby or child.

With that as our foundation for a look at our current political campaign season, it is clear that Democrats and many, if not all, people who are of the liberal left political/social ideology are decrying the alleged poor treatment of children and families at our southern border. They are critical of anyone labeling those people as "illegal," granting them de facto citizenship status and benefits just because their feet have touched U.S. soil.

My question is, "Who is more important in the minds of the liberal left, those children or Hillary's 'deplorables' who voted for and support President Trump?"

Whose life has more value? Those questions should be asked concerning the babies who are murdered every day through abortion. Whose life is more valuable, the children at the border or the children in their mother's wombs?

The children at the border are exploited by sex traffickers and drug smugglers, abused and mistreated as they are forced to travel the long distance from Central American countries, through Mexico to our southern border, but almost all of them are alive. A child in his mother's womb who is taken to an abortion clinic has no choice in his future and no hope–he has been given a death sentence from which there is no appeal and no escape. 

Tragically, for the few who do survive the abortionist's murderous attempts to end their lives and are born alive, most are left to die or outright killed by extremely barbaric means.

For those readers who deny that human life begins at conception or that a baby in his mother's womb is not human until he is born, the Tennessee legislature has introduced a bill that declares that life begins at conception, backed by mountains of medical science evidence. And since a person's unique soul and spirit are invisible, unobservable and unmeasurable, one can assume that those entities of personhood are given to the human embryo at the moment of conception, since God is the true author of life–Psalm 139.

In conclusion, appealing to our national motto, "In God we trust," Americans need to honor that motto in every aspect of daily life, rejecting and turning from the sins that plague our nation and turning to the one and only true God who sacrificed his own son, Jesus Christ, in payment for the penalty for our sin, that by believing in him, anyone can receive forgiveness and eternal life.


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