County Should Stay Out Of Recycling


I read the letter from Larissa Todt, "Please consider creative solutions to save recycling" in the Sept. 20 issue regarding the recent closure of the recycling centers throughout the county.

Yes, it is frustrating that a service that many people in the county relied upon to recycle items that would otherwise end up in the landfill has closed. (Knowledge tidbit: the greater majority of newspapers in Illinois print their papers on newsprint comprised of up to 80 percent recycled newspaper.)

It's a service people relied upon quite often, but let's be honest: like most things in this county, should our county government have provided this service to begin with, knowing it was ultimately not going to be a profitable enterprise?

To be brutally honest, no. In the case of Raymond, had there been no volunteers to help accept materials for recycling, there would have been no recycling center to begin with.

Three years ago, a Montgomery County CEO participant started a recycling company. Honestly, I would have preferred that things would have picked up more for Abbi Ruppert, who was the proprietor of Rove Recycling.

The only way a recycling program can return to Montgomery County is through businesses and corporate enterprises working together to help underwrite the program, a group of volunteers in each community, local charitable organizations or any combination of the three. That most certainly involves the privatization of said service.

Our county government should stay out of further matters regarding recycling and that's brutal honesty from a taxpayer in this county.

Jake Leonard



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