Denita Hedden Family Still Searching For Answers


My wife Denita Marie Hedden disappeared on Dec. 25, 2017, out of Royal Lakes in Macoupin County and has been presumed to be deceased since the first week in February of 2018 in a public announcement by law enforcement.

Denita has four young grieving children, a brother and many other family members. We have had no form of peace or answers. Officials stated publicly they believe foul play is involved. They stated they have a suspect, though he has never been publicly named. Her children and family need to find some peace within our lives but that is incredibly difficult without any form of understanding.

Why do officials believe she is deceased? Why has no information become available to the family? Where is Denita? Why won't anyone answer these questions? Why hasn't there been an arrest?

We have tried everything we can to get answers from the officials and have none. No one is willing to explain to me and my family the answers to these questions. Every attempt to get answers from the Macoupin County State's Attorney and all law enforcement officials involved in Denita's case have been met with, "We cannot discuss anything regarding this case as it is an ongoing investigation. We can only tell you we are following leads as they come in."

My family and I deserve some answers. It's been way, way too long. We are beginning to feel that no answers will ever come, we will never find her, we will never know why they said she is deceased and that there may never be justice.


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