Fusion Kicks Off Weight Loss Challenge


Just in time for all those New Year's resolutions to eat better and get healthier, Fusion Fitness and Aquatics in Hillsboro is launching its 11th annual Lighten Up For Montgomery County weight-loss competition.

The three-month contest is designed to help local residents get healthier in the new year. It is coordinated by Fusion Fitness and Aquatics and sponsored by local businesses.

"The goal of Lighten Up 4 Montgomery County is and always has been to help our county become healthier," said Jessica Chappelear, executive director at Fusion. "We want to keep you motivated and determined to reach your weight-loss goals."

In the first ten years of the competition, about 2,500 people have participated and lost a total of 15,200 pounds.

Chappelear said this year's contest will be similar to previous years, with a registration fee of $20, and all participants have a chance to earn that fee back by losing weight.

"The first eight years of the contest were free to join," Chappelear said. "But we have learned that when people put money toward it, they are more apt to stick with it!"

A participant's starting weight must be recorded at Fusion from Jan. 6 through Jan. 10. To sign up, stop by Fusion, weigh in and pay $20 entry fee. All participants have a chance to earn back the $20 entry fee.

The week of Jan. 30-Feb. 1 will be the midpoint weigh-in, and participants must come to Fusion for this weigh-in. If by this point a challenger has lost 5 percent of his or her weight, he or she will get $10 back. If not, they can keep trying, and still have a chance to get it back and win more. For those who do not lose the 5 percent, their money stays in the pot.

The week of ​Feb. 24-28 is the final weigh-in. This will also be done at Fusion. If by this point, a participant has lost 8 percent of the starting weight, he or she gets a cut of the pot. However, those participants will only receive half their earnings at that time. If they can maintain or lose additional weight by May 4-8, they will earn the remaining half of their winnings.

"We really want to encourage maintaining and not crash dieting," Chappelear said.

All weigh-ins for the competition must be done at Fusion. This year's sponsors will be donating money for the pot as well to sweeten the end take away. 

Last year, those who lost the goal percentage won $140 each.All weight reports are kept confidential.  

"We have used a model similar to this for the past three years," said Chappelear. "Before, we only had the top three winners, but in this case, all who lose will win! Therefore, everyone is competing with themselves, and if they accomplish their goals, they get some of the cash prizes."

For more information, visit www.fusion4life.com or https://www.facebook.com/LU4MC.


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