God Bless Our Hometown People


There's a lot to be said for living in a small town.

I just so appreciate Hillsboro Rental for coming to my rescue Tuesday.  I decided I was going to get my deck ready for staining.  My husband told me he'd do it this weekend, but I, being the stubborn I-can-do-it person, decided I'd just do it and be ahead.

I read the directions on the container and it said either brush it on and rinse with a garden hose, or the preferred method was to apply product, wait 15 minutes and power wash off.

Long story short: I decided to not use the power washer.  I could see I wasn't going to get the stuff off without collapsing first.  I called Hillsboro Rental and asked if they had a power washer and a very nice, polite Evan told me yes.  I told him I couldn't come and get it; could he bring it?  He was so sweet and got it to me in less than 30 minutes.  Saved me.

The real point to the story is this probably wouldn't have happened in a large city.

Thank you, Mr. Rench, for allowing Evan to get the power washer to me, and thank you for saving me a nightmare of a day.  God bless our hometown people.


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