Grants Will Help Build Museum Veterans’ Room


Although the pandemic has certainly cut the number of visitors to the Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center, enthusiasm among the volunteers still runs high.  We have been able to use this slow period to create new displays, write grants, and plan for the future.

The Litchfield Chamber of Commerce had been housed in the museum since our opening.  They decided to move to larger quarters and moved out Aug. 1.  All agreed their presence would be missed, however, it offered us a unique opportunity to increase our floor space by not renting that office. The only problem was that the income gained through renting that office, was needed to help pay expenses.    

We wrote a grant to the W. Darrell Kilton Foundation to cover the income that office generated through the expected time of paying off our mortgage.  We were beyond thrilled to learn that we were awarded that grant, and now have an additional space to display items of interest.

It was decided that the space formerly occupied by the chamber will now become the Veterans’ Room.  We are so excited to have a designated area to honor the veterans of Litchfield.  Thanks to the generosity of the Elizabeth Baker Trust and the Corwin Memorial Trust two new display cases have been purchased. 

The grand opening of the Veterans’ Room will coincide with the bicentennial of Montgomery County which will occur in 2021.  

We are so grateful to the W. Darrell Kilton Foundation for helping make this a possibility.  The Baker and Corwin Grants have helped us tremendously by allowing us to purchase, large, lighted, lockable display cases.

One of the displays in the Veterans’ Room will be a slideshow of pictures and newspaper clippings of veterans from Litchfield.  If you would like to have a Litchfield veteran’s picture added, please provide us with a copy. If you have veteran memorabilia that you would like to donate to the Museum, we encourage you to do so.  Having a designated place to honor those who have served is our great pleasure.


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