Guest Column: A Word To The Wise On Daughters


I like to think that I've learned a thing or two during my 80-plus years on Earth. I've been lucky enough to have had good advice (which I usually took) and many helping hands along the way. 

It has also been my good fortune to have three daughters, each just a little over one year apart in age, who in the past few years have been my caregivers, helpers, sympathizers and, sometime bosses.  For instance, I had a knee replacement a few years ago and carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand last year. I got along just fine both times thanks to their expert care. I hope I can count on them again as I'm to have surgery on my other hand this month. Ah, the golden years.

However, none of those problems can compare with this plague we're experiencing now–the COVID-19 virus. I've hardly been out of my house (for how long now?),  although I did sneak out and go to the post office last week. I was so excited to be out and about, and it was very hard not to continue on to Walmart, but I knew I'd be in big trouble if I did such a foolish thing. I'm one of those high risk old folks with a bronchial problem I have to watch out for.

The girls have kept me supplied with groceries. All I have to do is make a list and they deliver right to my door. How's that for service? Of course, I have extra time on my hands so do some baking and cooking which I share. It's my pleasure.

So, what I want to tell you is this: mothers and fathers with daughters, get to know them, make friends with them, because if you live long enough, some day you are going to need them. I can almost guarantee it!


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