Have That Love And Caring For The Unborn


I am thankful for being born during a time when America and its people were fighting for our nation and its protection during World War II. I remember the drafting of our men to be trained to fight all over the world so that we would remain a Democracy. My dad joined before he got called because he wanted to fly. He trained other pilots who were then sent overseas. 

I remember buying war bonds that helped fund the needed planes, tanks, ships and weapons. I remember women being trained to work in the manufacturing plants. I remember friends and neighbors and churches praying for the safety of family members and the end of the war. I remember victory gardens, rationing of meat, sugar, tires and gasoline. I remember scrap metal drives, stamp drives for the children for war bonds. I remember the way we valued life and our nation.

There was a spirit of faith, unity, and patriotism evident every day, everywhere.

I see now, though, that we live in a world that has changed so much.

That there is still the value of life in Hillsboro and Litchfield that is still evident in our lives. When children are born with childhood health problems, or when they are diagnosed with cancer, there are those who rise to the need of raising money for a medical cure or the cancer treatments. Through sports events, through dinners or restaurants giving a portion being raised for the cause. I see churches praying for the healing and restoration of health. All are done because of love, compassion and concern for these families, and the desire to see suffering ended. 

It's not just children but also adults who have extreme health problems or emotional problems and those suffering from addictions that are on the hearts of our community. In other words communities that love, care for, and pray for the lives of others.

Because of this, I write to ask you to continue to have that love and caring for the unborn.

After graduating from high school and getting married we were blessed with two sons. We found that I could not give birth again and we longed for more children, praying that we could adopt. God heard our prayers. Three expectant mothers made the decision to love their baby and give them to families who longed to mother and father them throughout their lifetime. We were the family who was blessed with three beautiful daughters.

I would never at that time have thought that a mother would have aborted her child, or that our government would legalize that it could be done and that our government would require the states to fund it, or that they would come against doctors and hospitals that refused to do it. Now, we see New York and Virginia advocation for late term abortions, even into the ninth month and after birth. They even said that any baby born alive in the abortion process should receive no medical care to live. We have those who represent us who live in Montgomery County, some who are pro-life who want no abortions after the heartbeat of the baby is heard, and others who want the lives of those babies be terminated at nine months or after birth.

I cannot believe that those representing us who are for late term abortion represent the hearts of the communities of Hillsboro or Litchfield. If they do not, please phone their offices or send them a fax or email and let them know that you believe not in abortion, but in the baby's right to live. 

Let your voice be heard, and please pray.


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