Help Me Get Results With Proven Team


As we approach the April 2 consolidated election I want to take a moment to ask the Citizens of Hillsboro to carefully consider the candidates for commissioner.  

It takes a true team to move any municipality forward, and this last four years Hillsboro has had a great team.  Anyone that knows me knows that my motivation in being mayor is plain and simple–results.   Since all of the candidates have served previously, it is evident of their intentions and motives from their past performances. The current council including Daniel Robbins, Katie Duncan, Michael Murphy and Don Downs has managed to produce results even though the state had no budget for the first two years of the term.  This council did not rely on grants but found ways to make improvements and begin beneficial changes by staying at or under budget while holding our annual tax levy level.  

All commissioners worked with their departments to save money where we could with the promise that the saved funds would not be squandered. This council then took the annual under-spend and created a fund to allow capital improvements with the money that was saved from the previous year.  

This council also lowered the telecommunications tax for the first time since it was adopted.  Downtown building improvements have come from partnering with entrepreneurs and developers to take some of our worst buildings and bring them back to life by creating a facade grant program and carefully leveraging TIF and business district incentives.   

New businesses are now looking at Hillsboro and want to be part of the revitalization started by these innovative partners. The Red Rooster Inn, Atlas 46, Nzuri Boutique (Chances building), Evi Salon, AJ Banners and Opera House Brewing are just a few of the most recent investors around our beautiful Main Street.  CTI has began running fiber optic services to both residential and commercial locations throughout Hillsboro making Hillsboro the seventh gigabyte city in the state of Illinois.  

We have recently constructed the first handicap accessible dock in the area for Glenn Shoals Lake.  Fish stocking programs have resulted in many bass tournaments being held locally and even a college bass fishing competition chose Glenn Shoals for its venue.  

Vacant structures and ordinance violations are being aggressively pursued in an effort to clean up our neighborhoods.  Every commissioner and their departments are participating in growing and improving services.

I will tell you that no two people will ever agree on everything.  With that said, there is a real benefit to having multiple people looking at the same issues and developing various solutions, then working together to formulate the best decisions.  The current council of Daniel Robbins, Katie Duncan, Michael Murphy and Don Downs have done that consistently over the past four years.  I have witnessed substantial disagreements that were debated with the city's best interest at heart.  Solutions are reached, then afterwards, these commissioners have moved on to the next issues and tackled them in the same logical method.  

To continue to move our great city forward it takes everyone pulling in the same direction.  The proven performers are Commissioners Robbins, Duncan, Murphy and Downs.  Help me get results with this proven team.


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