Hillsboro Votes Down Tax Increase


Tuesday was a day for voters to have their say, but few in Montgomery County took advantage of the opportunity.

In total, 19.67 percent of the county's 18,416 registered voters cast ballots, according to County Clerk Sandy Leitheiser, in an election that selected candidates for offices from the White House to the courthouse.  

Countywide, 2252 voted in the Republican primary, 1269 voted Democrat, and 101 requested nonpartisan ballots.  Voter turnout was highest in Hillsboro 3 (29.14 percent) and lowest in South Litchfield 3 (6.22 percent).

The half-cent sales tax increase in Hillsboro failed narrowly, while the full-cent tax increase in Farmersville passed overwhelmingly.  Coffeen voters defeated a tax increase to fund police protection.

Locally, the lone contested race for precinct committeeman in either party ended in a tie.  Incumbent Sharon Kuchar and Shelley Elizondo Brakenhoff each got 28 votes in the race for Democratic precinct committeeman in South Litchfield 1.  Candidates will have the statutory opportunity to request a recount, but the race could ultimately be decided by a coin flip.

The two were also involved in a contested race for Democratic nomination in County Board District 5, where both were nominated–and tied.  Incumbent Richard Wendel led the ticket with 117 votes, Brakenhoff and incumbent Kuchar were nominated with 104, and incumbent Frank Komor Jr. was defeated with 98.

In the only other locally contested race, Democrats in County Board District 4 nominated incumbents Jim Moore and Mike Plunkett, along with Pam Thacker, in favor of Ben Hemken.

County Republican voters favored Rick Santorum over eventual state-winner Mitt Romney.  They agreed with fellow partisans across the 13th Congressional District in nominating incumbent Tim Johnson by a large margin.

County voters in the Democratic primary favored Matt Goetten over David Gill for candidate in the 13th Congressional District, but Gill is the apparent winner by about 140 votes in a race not yet ultimately decided.

Democrats elected precinct committeemen were Jarod Hitchings in Bois D'Arc, Greg Springer in Butler Grove, Steve White in East Fork 3, Ted Koonce in East Fork 4, James Evans in Fillmore, Stan Casey in Grisham 1, Dick Lyons in Harvel, Gabe Springer in Hillsboro 3, Jim Moore in Hillsboro 5, Dickie Elam in Hillsboro 6, Scott Snow in Irving, William Johnson in Nokomis 3, Frank Carroll in North Litchfield 1, Louis Lewey in North Litchfield 2, Pam Voyles-Baxter in North Litchfield 3, Ted Elizondo in North Litchfield 5, Chuck Napier in North Litchfield 6, Ray Durstan in Pitman, Bonnie Branum in South Fillmore, Steve Walker in South Litchfield 2, Chris Baugher in South Litchfield 3, Robert Davis in Witt 2, and Mike Golitko in Witt 3.

Two Republicans and four Democrats waged write-in campaigns for precinct committeeman, but only one earned the necessary 10 votes for election: Democrat Dennis Matthews in Nokomis 5.

Republican precinct committeemen elected on the ballot were Jim Allen in Bois D'Arc, Mary Fuchs in Butler Grove, Jimmy Ricke in East Fork 1, Doug Martin in Grisham 1, Richard Reincke in Grisham 2, Bonnie Bloome in Harvel, Terry Richmond in Hillsboro 1, Daryl Hodges in Hillsboro 2, Dick James in Hillsboro 3, Roy Hertel in Hillsboro 5, Dean Lessman in Hillsboro 6, Lance Lehnen in Nokomis 3, Joe McNeal in North Litchfield 1, Bob Hermsmeyer in North Litchfield 5, Jeremy Jones in Pitman, Tim Mizera in Raymond, Clarence Keiser in Rountree, Brad Frerichs in South Litchfield 1, Marcia Sailsbury in South Litchfield 2, David Crocks in South Litchfield 4, and Shawn Winans in Witt 2.

Montgomery County vote totals follow.

President (R)

Mitt Romney*727

Ron Paul202

Rick Perry21

Newt Gingrich233

Buddy Roemer5

Rick Santorum1039

Congress (R)

Michael Firsching199

Tim Johnson*1291

Frank Metzger357

State Senate (R)

Mike McElroy*1830

State Rep (R)

Wayne Rosenthal*1995

Regional Superintendent (R)

Marchelle Kassebaum*1731

Circuit Clerk (R)

Holly Lemons*1965

Coroner (R)

Tobin Gunn*1686

County Board Dist. 1 (R)

Connie Taylor Beck*252

Megan Beeler*248

County Board Dist. 2 (R)

Charles Graden*248

Joseph Gasparich*256

Gene Miles*240

County Board Dist. 3 (R)

Jay Martin*239

County Board Dist. 4 (R)

E. Blackburn-Robinson*246

County Board Dist. 5 (R)

Glenn Savage*169

County Board Dist. 6 (R)

Roy Hertel*290

Scott Merano*191

County Board Dist. 7 (R)

Mary Bathurst*215

Nikki Bishop*261

Bob Sneed*280

Appellate Judge (R)

Stephen McGlynn*1610

President (D)

Barack Obama*1031

Congress (D)

David Gill*425

Matthew Goetten645

State Senate (D)

Andy Manar*985

State Rep (D)

Brad Gillespie*971

State's Attorney (D)

Chris Matoush*1067

Coroner (D)

Rick Broaddus*1089

County Board Dist. 1 (D)

Dennis Williams*142

Mike Webb*145

County Board Dist. 3 (D)

Bob Durbin*122

Bonnie Branum*127

George Blankenship*117

County Board Dist. 4 (D)

Jim Moore*173

Mike Plunkett*166

Ben Hemken109

Pam Thacker*156

County Board Dist. 5 (D)

Sharon Kuchar*104

Richard Wendel*117

Frank Komor98

S. Elizondo Brakenhoff*104

County Board Dist. 6 (D)

David Ronen*141

Ron Deabenderfer*161

Richard Bax*95

Appellate Judge (D)

Judy Cates*917

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