Hillsboro Wants To Hear Voters' Opinion On Pot


The City of Hillsboro will hold an “advisory vote” on the March 17 primary ballot that will allow citizens to voice their opinions on the buying and selling of recreational cannabis.

With some of the confusion resulting from the legalization of recreational cannabis in the state of Illinois on Wednesday, Jan. 1, the Hillsboro’s city council unanimously agreed at the bi-monthy meeting, held on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, to place an advisory vote on the primary ballot. The item will be on republican, democrat and nonpartisan primary ballots.

This effort is designed to allow the citizens of Hillsboro to voice their opinions on whether the council should allow the selling of recreational cannabis within city limits. The city council believes it is a unique way to approach the issue.

“I’ve consulted with various town officials from around the state and no one has taken this extra step,” Mayor Brian Sullivan stated.

With some strong opinions from both sides of the issue present within the city of Hillsboro, the city council discussed the best way forward.

“We’ve worked hard to build a sense of community here in Hillsboro by making it a different kind of place,” said Mayor Sullivan, “The council wants to hear the town’s opinion when it comes to selling recreational cannabis within city limits. Some people aren’t able to attend a public meeting, so we believe this is the best way for everyone to have a voice. 

“Obviously, we can’t hold a public vote before every decision we make, but with an issue as complicated as this one, we believe that an advisory vote will give us direct input from the people we represent before we make a final decision as a council.”

The vote will not be the final verdict on whether recreational cannabis can be sold within city limits. The town council will take the results, weigh it with other factors, including the possible taxable income stream into the city and will then make a decision in the coming months.

“We encourage the citizens of Hillsboro to do their research and go out and vote their conscience so we can make a good and informed decision,” said Councilman and Police Commissioner Micheal Murphy.


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