Independence Day Begins With Biathlon


Rem Dyas of Hillsboro was the first to cross the finish line in the 30th annual Hillsboro Fourth of July Biathlon on Thursday morning, July 4.

Dyas crossed the line after the five-mile run and 15-mile bike ride in an hour and 14 minutes, nearly seven minutes in front of the second place finisher from Springfield.

The top female finisher was Megan Tuetken of Irving, who finished the race in just over an hour and 37 minutes.  Team Slowtwitch of Litchfield won the male team event, Weiss-Bondurant of Hillsboro won the female team event,  and Init 2 Winit won the mixed team event.

In the five-mile run only event, Rik Denicke of Chesterfield, MO, was the top male finisher, and Caroline Quarton of Litchfield was the top female finisher.

The event was hosted by the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and timed by Final Lap Racing of Edwardsville.  The race began on the north side of the Historic Courthouse in Hillsboro and headed north for two and a half miles on the North Road and back for the five-mile run, and out again for seven and a half miles and back for the bicycle portion of the biathlon.

Event results, provided by Final Lap Racing, follow.


Female Overall: 1) Megan Tuetken, Irving, 1:37:00.34; 2) Debra Ritter, Jerseyville, 1:40:50.32; 3) Megan Clark, Greenfield, 1:43:34.53

Female 30-39: 1) Jessi Springer, Litchfield, 1:48:43.38

Female 40-49: 1) Kelly Grzegorek, Alma, 1:59:21.89

Male Overall: 1) Rem Dyas, Hillsboro, 1:14:00.00; 2) Todd Lafountain, Springfield, 1:20:50.73; 3) Wesley Wooden, Springfield, 1:22:00.00

Male 30-39: 1) Thomas Selby, Fort Branch, IN, 1:24:09.71; 2) Phil McLaughlin, Hillsboro, 1:49:57.85

Male 40-49: 1) Matt Vaughn, Litchfield, 1:22:17.69; 2) Tariq Quadri, Alton, 1:24:54.02

Male 50-59: 1) James Ritter, Jerseyville, 1:22:47.75; 2) Kraig Weinberg, Trenton, 1:32:40.40; 3) Kurt Hoehn, Nokomis, 1:34:50.39; 4) Tim Holland, Alton, 1:40:52.54; 5) Randy Rieke, Hillsboro, 1:41:00.15; 6) Greg Voudrie, Mattoon, 1:41:24.49

Male 60-Plus: 1) Keith Timmins, Maryville, 1:31:53.83; 2) Gary Payne, Roxana, 1:55:38.45

Female Team: 1) Weiss-Bondurant, Hillsboro, 1:51:13.05

Male Team: 1) Team Slowtwitch, Litchfield, 1:07:59.65; 2) Schbarr, Carlinville, 1:14:58.71; 3) Deming-McCammack, Hillsboro, 1:22:38.76

Mixed Team: 1) Init 2 Winit, 1:21:06.87; 2) Let's Go Blues, St. Louis, MO, 1:42:04.25; 3) 2 Storm, Hillsboro, 1:52:42.70

Five-Mile Run

Female Overall: 1) Caroline Quarton, Litchfield, 42:15.54; 2) Christine May, Hillsboro, 44:37.65; 3) Madelyn Powell, Hillsboro, 46:40.05

Female 20-29: 1) Paulina Holliday, Litchfield, 1:01:30.85

Female 30-39: 1) Caryn Selby, Fort Branch, IN, 57:54.19

Female 40-49: 1) Lori Saathoff-Huber, Hillsboro, 57:00.54

Female 50-59: 1) Leann Barr, Carlinville, 48:55.10

Male Overall: 1) Rik Denicke, Chesterfield, MO, 35:35.65; 2) Orion Denicke, Chesterfield, MO, 49:13.54; 3) Elbert Jones, Litchfield, 56:47.87

Male 30-39: 1) Joshua Billington, Hillsboro, 57:33.61

Male 60-Plus: 1) Gerald Murphy, Kennedale, TX, 1:11:13.83


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