Isn't Thankfulness A Decision Based On Reality?


Thanksgiving this year was one of the most exceptional of my life; no, I did not receive any invitations to join with immediate or extended family, but isn't thankfulness a decision based on reality?  

During 2017-18 my older son sacrificed his time from a demanding work schedule to aid his younger brother and myself when we were in dire medical need.  He spent six months searching for a vehicle I could afford to purchase.  He drives us to visit his younger brother who remains in treatment for health issues.  My older son is a cancer survivor. I am able to attend sports games of my youngest granddaughter, and enjoyed treating my adult grandchildren to a lunch and visit. My grandson and his girlfriend made time occasionally to attend church with me, where otherwise Sunday after Sunday I appear to sit alone.  Twice recently I have been able to walk through our city park without having leg pain.  Before leaving town on a Saturday, Larry Barry's staff repaired a tire on my car, which otherwise would have gone flat and left me stranded on the road.  

All of these are gifts from God and answered prayers.  Psalms 26:7 "That I may publish with the voice of Thanksgiving, and tell all thy wondrous works.  I daily pray to choose that reality."