Keep A Close Eye On Your Government


The ones in Washington trying to overthrow the president are not just trying to get rid of him, but our way of life–our political system.

This started before he was ever sworn in.  Because he was not one of the club they vowed to resist.  This is the party that wants everyone dependent on the government, not to help you, but to control you.  

Why do you think the second amendment is such a threat to them?  It’s not about gun control; it’s about people control, and an unarmed public is easier to control. Please take the time to look at the history of other governments of the world and you will see the parallel.

It is sad, if you forget history you will relive it.  Maybe we should go back to the basics in the schools.  I’m not saying the schools are bad, but I find it strange so many students think socialism and communism are a better way.  It almost sounds like phase one is working.

When this president tries to expose one of the club, they attack him like a pack of wild animals.  Why is it so hard for some people to see the improvement in our country in the past three years?  Put aside party, and put country first!

Wake up before it’s too late, “comrade.” This is my view of where the Washington Democrats are taking us.

Back to the second amendment, what did Hitler do in Germany? Disarm the Jews.  How did that work out? If you think it can’t happen here just sit back and keep quiet. Love your country, but keep a very close eye on your government!


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