Keep Our Proven Trial Litigator, Bryant Hitchings


I heartily endorse Bryant Hitchings, our state's attorney.  

I recently retired after practicing 40 years as a prior assistant Montgomery County State's Attorney and as a criminal defense attorney.

Bryant knows how to put away the bad guys.  Although I vigorously defended many charged with crimes, the simple fact is that certain criminals need to be away from our loved ones in society.  Bryant has the experience and diligence to keep our communities safe.

Bryant grew up in Montgomery County, played sports with my sons, and is a taxpaying resident here.  He moved away for a few years to prosecute crime in Coles County, Illinois.  He has returned to his home county to provide justice for the Montgomery County citizens.

I urge everyone to keep our proven trial litigator, Bryant Hitchings as state's attorney.  Vote early, or on Nov. 6.


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