Law Enforcement Teamwork Wins Again


If you've been following our local news lately, you are aware that a minor crime spree was stopped and the suspected culprit arrested by the Hillsboro Police Department.  

It began with a car being rummaged and another burglarized while parked in downtown Hillsboro.  A wallet was stolen and a suspect was observed on video.  After burglarizing the car, the suspect discarded the wallet as he departed the area.  Luckily, the wallet was located by a concerned citizen and turned in to HPD. 

From a police standpoint, it's a pretty common story and one which would not attract much attention in many jurisdictions across America.  In fact, some cities on the east and west coasts have declared property crimes like these to be unworthy of even a police report much less any follow-up by detectives. Criminals also know and hope that the police will focus on something else and not take action on the case.  

However, here in Montgomery County and in our local police agencies, these and all types of criminal activity are dealt with properly and with the professional detail one would expect by the finest law enforcement agencies anywhere.  

So what happened on the case of the Hillsboro crime spree?  Hillsboro Investigator Gary Mellor went to work on the car burglary.  Mellor located the video and was able to identify a possible suspect, who he knew by name from prior police contacts. At the same time, Investigator Tim Hopper was working on a residential burglary that had occurred in the same time frame as the car incidents.  Hopper also determined that the suspect in the residential burglary was the same person who Mellor had identified from the video as the suspect in the car burglary.

Acting together, the Hillsboro detectives put the suspect information out to all agencies across the county and elsewhere.  Believing the suspect was local, officers and detectives from Litchfield and the sheriff's office joined Hillsboro in the effort to locate and apprehend the suspect.  With the "heat" on and citizens being questioned, it only took a few hours before the suspect got smart and voluntarily turned himself in to the sheriff's office. 

At last report, investigators Mellor and Hopper have their man and justice will prevail.

In summary, if you find yourself wondering what our local officers and deputies are doing with the money we pay for their services, think twice and thank God we have such a great team of men and women serving us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Robert Buda, Litchfield


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