Local Talent Showcased At Old Settlers Show


The basement of St. Paul's Lutheran church was once again transformed into a gallery showcasing the work of local artists for the 2019 Old Settlers Art Show.

The annual art show oficially opened at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 7, with a critique of the work submitted. Best of Show awards went to Sarah Ginnard in Adult Fine Art for her painting entitled "His Name is Nahm," Heather Hampton+Knodle in Adult Photography for her photo "Prickly Peace" and Abigail White in Student Fine Art for her painting "Deep Space." Beth Rodgers judged the fine arts categories, while Ken Meade returned to judge photography entries.

The exhibit was filled with paintings, prints, mixed media pieces, ceramic pieces, glass work, sculptures, crafts, drawing and fiber art. All of the work will be on display until the end of Old Settlers.

Winners in the art show per category are as follows.


Pre-School through Kindergarten: first, Nora Ruppert,"Purple Sea": second, Dagny Thorton, "Sea Cat"; third, Isabel McLaughlin, "Vase of Flowers." Honorable mentions went to Edward Longwell, "My Friend," Otto Lee, "Kai," Josiah Hughes, "Avengers," Zion Ellis, "Zoey," Danica Longwell, "Cloud," Brylynn Lemons, "Stretch the Can," Afton Lemons, "Catepillar," Aspen Lemons, "Fireworks" and Holden Wright, "Rainbow."

First to Third Grades: first, Kivett Ruppert, "Old Settlers 2019"; second, Kivett Ruppert, "Sunset Sea"; third, Lydia Mulch, "Sunset in Winter." Honorable mentions went to C.J. Thorton, "Beyond the World," Hudson Wright, "Leo the Lemur," Albany Kindernay, "Girl in a Garden," Randal Matthews, "Kissy Fish," Avry West, "Midnight Sky," Colin Worley, "Volcano," Parker Page, "Purdy Page," Allie Snow, "Dragon Book," Judah Lee, "Clay," Easton Page, "Pup in a Cup" and Elaina Kenny, "Self Portrait."

Fourth to Sixth Grades: first, Mila Ruppert, "Wolf by the Oak": second, Mila Ruppert, "My Pup"; third, Noah Polus, "Orange Lilly." Honorable mentions went to Lexie Downey, "Magical Garden," Jossalyn Kimbro, "Dragon," Kamdyn Putnam, "Pineapple Paradise," Zoe Fulhorst, "Silly Sloth," Morgan Smoot, "The Sunrise," Bella Richardson, "Isle in the Sky," Milla Anderson, "Spiral Bloom," Claire Matthews, "Bulldogs," Eli Howard, "Fishes," Luci VanGeisen, "The Park," Seth Hubbart, "Hillsboro Dragon," Madison VanOstran, "Fairies at Night," Avery Batty, "The Infinity of Shapes," Maui Lemons, "Magical Rainbow," Melissa Robinson, "Wolf," Mya Bolton, "Colorful Forest," Raegan Worley, "I'm Hungry," Samantha Bravo, "Minecraft Pig," Mette Lee, "Anne With an E" and Elijah Howard, "Fishes."

Seventh to Ninth Grades: first, Dalton Reynolds, "Call of the Wild"; second, Elana Wilson, "Flowers"; third, Elana Wilson, "Red Jacket." Honorable mentions went to  Amanda Niemann, "Butterfly Life Cycle," Emma Hughes, "Lincoln," Jiwoo, "Colorful Seoul," Konnor Richardson, "Grandma's Buttons," Ryder Lemon, "Strawberry," Damon Stanberry, "Alex," Ruthie Matthews, "Pickn' the Patch" and Heidi McDonalds, "Wolf."

Tenth to 12th Grades: first, Allison Marburger, "World Map"; second, Ean Ogden, "Hammy"; third,  Ean Ogden, "Gene Simmons Parady." Honorable mentions went to Erica Niemann, "Sirer," Madison Ulrici, "Harry Styles," Erin Kistner, "Dessert Bowl," Lizzie Dixon, "A Self Portrait" and Caitlyn Howard, "Face Collage."     


Drawing: first, Lauren Bennett, "Better Together"; second, Lauren Bennett, "Lilo and Stitch"; third, Tatum Fenton, "Man's Best Friend." Honorable mention went to Tatum Fenton for "Life."

Painting: first, Tatum Fenton, "Eternal Flame"; second, Joyce Bishop, "Refuge"; third, Vicki White, "Stone Wall in Scotland."Honorable mentions went to Julie Kiefer, "Folk Art Autumn" and Joyce Bishop, "Sun Kissed Day Lilly."

2-D Miscellaneous: first, Sarah Ginnard, "Maneater"; second, Helene Huber, "Love Lost (Madam Butterfly)"; third, Taylor Meyers, "You Are."

Crafts: first, Ken Schaal, "Windswept" Bonsai; second, Terry Page, "Bluegill on Hook"; third, Jessica Otter, "Moon Mug." Honorable mentions went to Jaimann, "Bonsai-Informal Upright" and Donna Reynolds, "Temari Balls."     


Adult Photography - Scenic: first, David Beal, "Lake Hillsboro #3"; second, James Ryan, "New Salem"; third, Nancy Redman, "Super Moon at Wakkerstroom." Honorable mentions went to Mike Dagon, "Golfer Delight" and Heather Hampton+Knodle, "Orchid."

Adult Photography - People: first, April Probst, "Let's Dress Up for Summer"; second, Blake Hagemeier, "Sunset Silhouette of Mother To Be"; third, April Probst, "Benjamin Blowing Bubbles." Honorable mentions went to Mary Herschelman, "Charley Grace" and Blake Hagemeier, "Audra Airborne."

Adult Photography - Miscellaneous: first, Niki Moranville, "Wall Confetti"; second, Alan Spelbring, "Our Backyard"; third, James Ryan, "Obed and Isaacs." Honorable mentions went to Heather Hampton+Knodle, "Crop Protection" and Niki Moranville, "Urban Cactus."

Adult Photography - Objects: first, Allan Spellbring, "Fruits and Vegetables"; second, James Ryan, "Wooden Ball"; third, Nancy Redman, "Silky Fly Catcher." Honorable mentions went to Mike Dagon, "Tomorrow the Big One" and Nancy Redman, "Crowned Wood Nymph."

Adult Photography - Montgomery County: first, Blake Hagemeier, "Shooting Stars Over Family Farm"; second, James Ryan, "Nokomis Methodist Church"; third, Heather Hampton+Knodle, "Airborne." Honorable mentions went to April Probst, "Audra and Ben on the Big Hay Bale" and Niki Moranville, "Wheeling into the Future."

Adult Photography - Digitally Manipulated: first, Brenda Rowland, "Echo of Chihuly"; second, Brenda Rowland, "Torrential"; third, Nancy Redman, "Polarized Flight." Honorable mentions went to Brenda Rowland, "Anticipation" and "Sleeping Justice."

Student Photography - Pre-K to Sixth Grades: first, Audra Hagameier, "Humming Around"; second, Bond Knodle, "Cereal Rye"; third, Jossalyn Kimbro, "Frog on Leaf." Honroable mentions went to Mette Lee, "Glowing Waters," Kivett Ruppert, "Bunny Friend," Ella Loskot, "Country Road," C.J. Thornton, "Flower Party," Edward Longwell, "Beautiful Land," Taylor VanOstran, "Rolling Storm," Joelle Hughes, "Cyrus Cat" and Samantha Bravo, "Flowers."

Student Photography - Seventh to 12th Grades: first, Maia Moranville, "By the Numbers"; second, Bethany Seely, "Life in Illinois"; third, Erin Kistner, "Red Flower." Honorable mentions went to Alex Frailey, "Gary," Frankie Huber, "Donut Love," Madison Ulrici, "Colorado," Katie Johnson, "Poppy Flower," Amanda Niemann, "Fish" and Kyleigh Currie, "Bear."       


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