Low Voter Turnout For Spring Election


Just under a quarter of the registered voters in Montgomery County selected who will represent them on school boards, in city and village halls, and for other local offices during the consolidated election on Tuesday, April 2.

According to Montgomery County Clerk Sandy Leitheiser, 23.64 percent of the county's 16,397 registered voters cast ballots in the election.  The highest voter turnout numbers were in Nokomis where there were contested races for mayor, city council and school board.

All four school districts headquartered in Montgomery County had contested races.  In the Hillsboro School District, voters returned the four incumbents to the school board: Barbara Adams, Dan Tester, Matthew Lentz and Bryce Rupert.

In the Litchfield School District, Julie Abel was elected to a two-year unexpired term.  Winning four-year seats were Mark Bloome, Michael Fleming, David Belusko and Valerie Cain.

Nokomis School District voters elected Joseph Gasparich, Ben Tarter and Chad Ruppert.

In the Panhandle School District, Gabe Pope won a two-year unexpired seat, while Linda Brown, Dana Pitchford, Teresa Payne and Brett Slightom were elected to full-term seats.

In contested municipal elections, Sheila White was reelected mayor of Coffeen, Hillsboro voters returned four incumbents (Daniel Robbins, Katie Duncan, Michael Murphy and Don Downs), Nokomis voters elected Russell Foster as mayor and Michael Holliday, Ann Brookshire, Derek Durbin and Jonathan Nash to city council, and Farmersville voters selected Mark Krager, Lynn Clarke and Joe Poggenpohl for village trustee.

Montgomery County vote totals follow.  Winners are marked with an asterisk.

Coffeen Mayor

Sheila White* 77

Junior White 15

Coffeen Commissioner (4)

Jodi Ulrici* 58

Robert Wessell* 73

Brad Nave* 61

Brayden Summers* 55

Hillsboro Mayor

Brian Sullivan* 582

Hillsboro Commissioner (4)

Daniel Robbins* 417

Katie Duncan* 463

Chris Sherer 353

Michael Murphy* 448

Don Downs* 579

Nokomis Mayor

Brian Keagy 201

Russell Foster* 321

Nokomis Commissioner (4)

Michael Holliday* 329

Ann Brookshire* 278

Derek Durbin* 308

Jonathan Nash* 332

Kevin Laurie 254

Jake Leonard 70

Witt City Clerk

Nancy Hughes* 58

Witt City Treasurer

Sonia Hodson* 61

Witt Alderman Ward 2

Gary Yeske* 24

Witt Alderman Ward 3

(Two-Year Term)

James Van Ostran* 38

Litchfield Alderman Ward 1

Dwayne Gerl* 128

Litchfield Alderman Ward 2

David Hollo* 108

Litchfield Alderman Ward 3

Timothy Wright* 191

Litchfield Alderman Ward 3

(Two-Year Term)

Kassidy Paine* 176

Litchfield Alderman Ward 4

Woodrow Street* 296

Butler Trustee (3)

Cathy Shepherd* 13

Cara Goodall* 13

Cary Cunningham* 13

Coalton Trustee (3)

Steve Lee* 51

Steve Kimbro* 48

Rod Eller* 46

Donnellson Trustee (3)

Gary Long* 12

Pamella Short* 7

Frances Jett* 12

Donnellson Trustee

(Two-Year Term)

Kenneth Buckingham* 11

Farmersville Trustee (3)

Mark Krager* 69

Lynn Clarke* 79

Joe Poggenpohl* 56

Phillip Fuchs 44

Fillmore Trustee (2)

Keith Morris* 28

Jeff Short* 34

Fillmore Trustee

(Two-Year Term)

John Casterline* 29

Harvel Village President

(Two-Year Term)

Cathie Downey* 6

Harvel Trustee (3)

Terry Downey* 6

Irving Village President

William Jurgena* 28

Irving Trustee (3)

Shawn Murray* 25

Penny Pavolka* 22

James Jones* 19

Ohlman Trustee (3)

Lyle Mathias* 17

Dennis Aumann* 18

Steven Morgason* 15

Panama Trustee (3)

Douglas Cruthis* 18

Charles Dixon* 19

Scott Kampmann* 24

Panama Trustee

(Two-Year Term)

Douglas Martin* 22

Raymond Trustee (3)

Kathy Summers* 103

Daniel Hough* 107

Bill Krager* 113

Schram City Trustee (3)

Earl Eller* 30

Patricia Rhoades* 30

Kevin Tuetken* 39

Taylor Springs Trustee (3)

Michael Gonzalez* 47

Waggoner Trustee (3)

Tammy Price* 13

David Pope* 11

Tanya Hobson* 11

Walshville Trustee (2)

(Two-Year Term)

Dennis Hegel* 5

Wenonah Village President

Jeffrey Sanders* 4

Wenonah Trustee (3)

Richard Waggoner* 6

Karla Oltmanns* 6

Litchfield Park Commissioner (3)

Gerald Chambers* 504

Renee Wynn* 612

Nokomis Park Commissioner (2)

Brad Janssen* 466

Dennis O'Malley, Jr.* 477

Pitman Park Commissioner (2)

Jimmie Hitchings* 41

Margaret Millburg* 43

Raymond Park Commissioner (2)

Dan Mulch* 116

John Terneus* 109

Doyle Library Trustee (3)

Cheryl Noller* 173

Janece Neunaber* 176

Virginia McCullers* 150

Doyle Library Trustee

(Two-Year Term)

Kaitlin Bergschneider* 208

Farmersville-Waggoner Library (2)

Gail Kraus* 140

Ashleigh Rockwell* 133

Farmersville-Waggoner Library

(Four-Year Term)

Carrie Matthews* 145

Hillsboro Library Trustee (7)

Letitia Spelbring* 406

Theresa Trader* 390

Carolyn Meier* 441

Barbara Mulch* 487

Judith Albracht* 445

Michelle Balla* 399

Carol Naylor* 466

Litchfield Library Trustee (3)

Mary Schneider* 720

Vickie Lovellette* 910

Carol Sneed* 921

Nokomis Library Trustee (3)

Cynthia Crowe* 461

Abigail Huff* 371

Nokomis Library Trustee

(Four-Year Term)

Judy Rupert* 575

Witt Library Trustee (3)

Rosalie King* 75

Dorothy Neisler* 91

Sally Meyer* 88

Hillsboro School Board (4)

Barbara Adams* 769

Craig Scroggins 429

Ed Ervin 600

Dan Tester* 659

Matthew Lentz* 903

Bryce Rupert* 670

Litchfield School Board

(Two-Year Term)

Julie Abel* 650

Sara Zumwalt 505

Litchfield School Board (4)

Meg Wertin 215

Dennis Scobbie 450

Jim Odle, Sr. 465

Mark Bloome* 489

Michael Fleming* 1,084

Jennifer Reid 451

David Belusko* 535

Matt Belusko 107

Valerie Cain* 500

Nokomis School Board (3)

Joseph Gasparich* 475

Julia Crowe 413

Carl Kettelkamp 309

Ben Tarter* 374

Chad Ruppert* 391

David Schweizer 242

Panhandle School Board

(Two-Year Term)

Shane Gilpin 118

Gabe Pope* 269

Panhandle School Board (4)

Linda Brown* 250

Dana Pitchford* 311

Darrin Daugherty 243

Teresa Payne* 227

Brett Slightom* 285

Regional School Trustee

Julie Knodle* 2,985

Regional School Trustee

(Two-Year Term)

Bruce Bannister* 2,551


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