Manar's Loyalty Lies With Working People


After three years, Bruce Rauner finally got his day in the sun.

The Supreme Court again sided with corporate interests and ruled that fair share employees don't have to pay into a fair system that levels the playing field for workers like police officers, firefighters, teachers and correctional officers.  Rauner's anti-worker agenda has always been about one thing: destroying unions and the people they represent.

The Supreme Court case, Janus vs. AFSCME, is simply Rauner's latest union busting effort brought to Illinois by out-of-state corporate interests.  Without member dues, our legs are effectively cut out from under us.  This will mean fewer protections for all workers, higher health insurance costs, and wages that stay the same or even decline as the cost of living goes up.  That means less buying power for us to spend at small businesses right here in Hillsboro.

Now, with our backs against the wall, it's time to take stock of our friends.

We know where Sen. Andy Manar stands.  You may not agree with him on every issue, but he speaks loudly in Springfield with a clear voice and he has spent his time working with legislators from both parties to work against Rauner's agenda.  Senator Manar sponsored a bill preventing the governor from privatizing jobs at state prisons that would have cost taxpayers more, and he passed legislation to include funding in the budget that covers wages owed to state employees for work done years ago (back as far as 2011) that Rauner blocked repeatedly.

But where does Sen. Manar's opponent, Seth McMillan, stand? So far, he won't say whether he agrees with the Janus decision and Rauner's anti-union efforts.  After all, he is Rauner's hand-picked candidate, but Mr. McMillan hasn't said if he will stand with Rauner–who has completely reinvented the Illinois Republican Party in his anti-worker image–or if he'll stand with the thousands of union members who call Central Illinois home.

What will it be, Mr. McMillan? Where do your loyalties lie?  We know where Senator Manar's loyalty lies–with the working people who he represents.


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