My Support Goes To Avery Bourne


I am asking the voters to please look at records and a candidate's ability and experience.

Too often a candidate's ability is overshadowed by an opposing candidate's name or affiliation or size and number of signs along the roadways. I encourage voters to attend the upcoming forums, listen to the debate recordings and ask the candidates their positions on issues important to you.

I have done the above, in addition to working alongside both candidates running for state representative in the 95th House District in my capacity as a Montgomery County Board member and Finance Committee chair. My support goes to Avery Bourne.

From my perspective, her opponent, Dillon Clark, lacks the experience, understanding of important concepts and dedication to be a reliable representative. I cannot recommend my fellow county board member for the state representative office based on his record of committee meeting absenteeism, his campaign accusations that so closely mirror his own behavior in elected office, his claims of accomplishment in office, his wavering stances on issues and his contrary voting record. He has shown a lack of comprehension on important topics such as tax levying, budgeting, appropriations and legal use of funds.

When first elected to the county board and presented the possibility to serve on the Finance Committee where these skills could have been acquired, he chose not to, citing the difficulty of the decisions necessary on the Finance Committee.

Elected office is much more than parades, dinners, handshakes and photo ops. True representation often requires courage.

Avery Bourne is a competent leader and compassionate servant of the people. She is accessible and helpful to those of us serving at the local level. She is intelligent. She is analytical. She does not back down from challenge or opposition. She does not waver on important issues. I am proud to endorse Avery Bourne as state representative of the 95th District.