Never Too Late To Speak Up And Save The Unborn


Concerning abortion rights in Illinois, there are several plans to expand abortion.

One plan is to overturn parental notification laws.  In other words, if your teenage daughter wants an abortion the parents will not be notified of her decision.  They want to repeal laws that now ban late-term abortions.  Even pro-choice voters are largely opposed the third trimester abortions. Furthermore, Illinois will make insurance companies pay for abortions.  And abortions will no longer have to be done by a doctor.

In response, there is a Christian effort to gather and pray for the end of abortion in Illinois.  The first event will start at Saint Agnes Church in Springfield and then they will pray and walk to the Planned Parenthood facility in Springfield.  Furthermore, plans are also underway to gather at the capitol in Springfield to speak with our elected officials to explain why we are against these new proposed laws.

It is never too late to speak up and join in a movement to save the life of unborn babies here in Illinois.


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