‘No Electioneering’ Zone Starts With Early Voting


When early voting begins on Thursday, Sept. 24, Montgomery County Clerk Sandy Leitheiser reminds that state law prohibits  electioneering and political signage  around the Historic Courthouse’s early voting room during voting hours through the Nov. 3 general  election.  

Illinois election law states that “if the polling room is located within a public or private building with two or more floors and the polling room is located on the ground floor, then the markers shall be placed 100 horizontal feet from each entrance to the polling place room used by voters to engage in voting.”   Electioneering is defined as “working for or against, or in the interest of a party, candidate or proposition.”

The same boundaries established in prior elections will be followed for the upcoming election.  Those boundaries were set after reviewing law and conferring with State’s Attorney Bryant Hitchings, County Board Chairman Evan Young, and Democrat and Republican county party leaders.  No electioneering or political signage will be allowed within all parking spaces located in the inner circle of the Courthouse Square, and five parking spaces located on the west side of the Historic Courthouse in front of the Farm Bureau building, and five parking spaces located on the north side of the Historic Courthouse.  Violation of this law could result in a Class A Misdemeanor.  

Anyone with questions about electioneering is encouraged to contact the county clerk’s office at 217-532-9530.


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