Nokomis Hears Angst Over Kroger Closure


The first meeting of 2021 for the Nokomis City Council was called to order on Monday, Jan. 11, with Mayor Mike Holliday and commissioners Ann Brookshire, Louis Stauder, Derek Durbin and Jocko Nash present, along with City Clerk Rachel Hill.  A Zoom internet connection was also provided for visitors who wished to maintain social distancing.

While agenda-listed speaker Josh Pearse did not show up to speak live or via the internet, Lance Lehnen, owner of Town Pump Bowl, did address the council.  His concern was with regard to the impending loss of the city’s Kroger store, which is scheduled to be closing soon.  As expected, the council was empathetic to Lehnen’s position, but were unable to offer alternatives given the lack of time and information available to them at this juncture.  

Stauder informed the council that he would have more information on the water line improvement project by Jan. 18.

The council decided to postpone action and a decision on the property at 634 Sanford.  The council had received three bids to date with various offers to buy or demolish the house.  At the Dec. 14 meeting in the approved motion to offer it for bids, the council had placed conditions to be named later on the bids to be accepted as part of the motion.   Given the status of the bids received, the council decided to explore the possibility of other options and hold off a final decision now.

Nash reported on the problem with condensation in the ductwork in the municipal building in the police department section, saying it had been inspected and now they were waiting for estimates on the repairs needed to come in.  

Nash made a motion to install a two-way stop at Edwards and Herman, taking action on a matter that had been tabled at the previous meeting after Brookshire questioned the location and reason for the stop sign.  She asked for the opportunity to first drive the area to judge the need and was satisfied with the need.   Durbin seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Nash then reported that he had no new information regarding the fence building permit at 807 Young Street that had also been tabled last month after questions arose concerning property lines involved, although he reported at the time that both neighbors involved were in agreement on the fence.  

Durbin made and received a second on a motion to approve the 2021 motor fuel tax program.  The motion passed unanimously.

The board entered into closed session a 7:14 p.m. and returned five minutes later. Durbin made a motion to accept the new contract negotiated with the city’s union employees.   Nash seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m. on a motion by Nash.


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