Nokomis Plans Vote On Water Contract


The Nokomis City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting Monday night, April 8. In attendance as visitors were newly elected, but uncertified winners of the previous week's election.  As in the previous council meeting, they again questioned the sitting council about details of entering a contract with Woodard and Curran to manage the city's water and sewer functions and their rationale behind the decision.  

Also present for the meeting representing Woodard and Curran were Mark Thomas and Tim Ferguson.  Thomas spoke briefly to the council and visitors, submitting the final contract to the city, about Woodard and Curran's intention to partner with the city long-term for the mutual benefit of both.  He then offered to answer any questions anyone might have for him.  No questions were asked of him.

As the hearing of visitors segment concluded, one resident urged the current council members to leave this decision for the newly elected council instead of acting on it so hastily.  Commissioners Jeanne Voyles and Kent Voils jointly explained this was not a hasty decision, but an ongoing process over the course of their term, initiated to handle longtime, ongoing complaints with regard to water quality in Nokomis.

With no further comments from the assembled visitors, Commissioner Tim Brookshire made a motion to introduce the Woodard and Curran contract to provide water and sewer operation services for the City of Nokomis for a vote of approval at the next council meeting.  The motion was seconded by Voils.  The council approved the motion unanimously on a roll call vote.

In old business, the council discussed the increase in the number of Class A liquor licenses approved at the previous council meeting, March 25.  Voyles then made a motion to approve the ordinance to amend Ordinance 985, Chapter 21, Article 2, Section 6 of the Revised Code of Ordinances for the city of Nokomis, adding two Class A liquor licenses to the current five for a total of seven.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Alan Hard and approved unanimously by the council.   The city clerk added that the applicant, Krager, had been in earlier inquiring about another business she planned to purchase and the acquisition of a liquor license in her name for that property as well.  Hard suggested that she come in and address the new council with her plans and make the request of them.

Brookshire then introduced to the record for the council "Exhibit 1C" of the building improvement, façade and signage grants to the business district, updating the existing loan agreement, which expires May 1, extending the loan to 2022 and carrying the program forward.

Commissioner Voyles reported revenue receipts from Illinois Department of Revenue and IDOT totaling $34,969.24.  Later, she would make a motion, approved by the council, to pay bills in the amount of $33,874.69.

Hard presented a building permit application for a fence construction at 100 E. State Street.  He reported he had inspected the site and the application looked to be in order; then made a motion the council grant the permit.  Voils seconded the motion and the council approved unanimously.  Hard also reported he had been getting complaints about the parking on Main Street and the violation of the two-hour parking rule.

Commissioner Voils reported repair of potholes around town had begun earlier that day.  They had started with larger potholes near Casey's and by the drive-through at Sav-Mor.  He also followed up Hard's report of parking complaints by saying he had that day spoken with some people downtown, reminding them of the two-hour parking limit.

Voyles made a motion to release paragraph two of the minutes of an executive session held near the end of the previous meeting, March 25.  The council, while in executive session, had erroneously discussed the increase of liquor licenses.  The motion was seconded by Voils and approved by the council.  Voyles then made a motion to go into executive session at 7:23 p.m. to discuss conditions of employment.  The council approved and went into executive session.

The council returned from executive session at 7:41 with nothing to report.