Panhandle School Board Ready For Roofing Bids


Tom Hyde of Graham and Hyde Architects spoke at length to the board about several projects, mostly pertaining to the roof at Lincolnwood High School, during the Panhandle Board of Education meeting on Monday, Feb. 25, in Raymond.

Hyde originally planned to appear in regards to phase two of the high school roofing plan, which would take care of everything but the gym roof and the auditorium roof, the latter of which was replaced this December during the first phase.

But strong winds over the weekend changed Hyde's plans as two panels from the upper roof at the high school were blown off and needed to be replaced. Hyde said that he believed the problem stemmed from the brackets failing at the wall and recommended switching from the current copper panels to manufactured steel panels.

Board member Dana Pitchford asked if there was a purpose for the panels. 

Hyde said they were purely decorative, although they did protect the concrete beneath it from the elements. Hyde suggested that the board talk to their insurance before moving forward with the replacement.

In regards to phase two, Hyde recommended putting the project out for bid this week so the bid packets would be ready for the March meeting. Work is planned to be done over the summer, meaning it would not start sooner than May 28 and would be completed by Aug. 2.

Board member Teri Payne asked if the work would affect activities in the gym over the summer. 

Hyde said that the only thing that could be affected is if Lincolnwood has summer school, but activities in other areas should be unaffected.

Hyde also presented a list of possible bidders and said that the board could refuse to accept a bid from Designed Roofing Systems, who did the work on the auditorium roof. The work on the auditorium was scheduled to be done over the summer as well, but due to the contractor making other jobs a priority, work did not begin until December.

Hyde said that the board had a few options regarding the project. Currently there are two skylights in the main foyer, plus two other skylights that aren't really in use, that would need to be replaced if they wanted to be kept after the re-roofing project. Hyde said the cost of covering the lights would be slightly less than replacing them.

Board members Pitchford and Scott Cowdrey said that they liked the idea of natural light in the school foyer, but were not sure it was worth the extra cost and labor.

The board would approve the covering of the skylights and also a change to the paneling of the library section of the roof, which will need to be removed to correctly roof the area. The current panelling goes down at an angle, but the new paneling will be flush with the wall in order to allow the roofing to completely cover the area without gaps.

Hyde also spoke about removing an older air intake for the boiler room, the color of replacement panels and obtaining an alternate bid from Trim Co. for a thermal plastic roof instead of rubber. Hyde said that the thermal plastic is a newer product and also has a 30 year warranty so it would not hurt to get a bid.

The board approved adding a liquidated damages clause to the phase two contract as well, which Hyde said could prevent situations like the auditorium roof delay.

In other business, Superintendent Aaron Hopper spoke about the potential ROE alternative school proposal, which was presented by Regional Superintendent Julie Wollerman in December.

Hopper presented a six page lease proposal, which would be for $37,500 and paid to the district by the ROE over four installments. This amount would cover the district's insurance, custodial services, utilities and a rent payment and is similar to the ROE's contract with the Effingham School District, who also has an alternative school. The alternative school is also planning to purchase lunches from the district, but that is not included in the lease.

Board Member Shane Gilpin asked if the additional work would be a burden on the custodial staff. Hopper said he didn't believe so, but if it was, the lease agreement would cover a part-time custodian.

Both Hopper and Lincolnwood Junior High and High School Principal Kendal Elvidge said that they believed the proposed property that is currently being used for a weight room and storage and was previously part of Raymond Grade School would be a good fit for the alternative school.

Gilpin asked what the capacity of the school would be. Hopper said 45, 30 high school and 15 junior high, but didn't believe that the program would have that many in the first year.

After the discussion, the board agreed to have Hopper continue to finalize the contract with the ROE.

The board would also approve the establishment of a girls basketball program (see the separate story in sports for more information) and received an update from Hopper regarding the reorganization of the Mid-State Special Education Cooperative, which needs to be approved by two-thirds of the existing schools before it moves forward. 

In new business, the 2019-20 school calendar was briefly discussed and could be revisited in March, while the board also approved the 2019 senior trip to Holiday World and Louisville.

Hopper also presented the technology report, which included the addition of smart projectors at Farmersville Grade School through a grant, teacher instruction on Office 365, web design and 3D printers from Robert Straub and the potential of additional online classes for students.

The IASB Spring dinner meeting (March 26 in Carlinville) was also mentioned, as was appointing a board member to the district handbook and discipline committee, with Pitchford volunteering for the post.

Pitchford also spoke during the community comments section, representing the TEAM Playday committee. She said that the group currently has reserve funds and would like to utilize them by building a new trophy case. Pitchford said that the group believed this would be something that would benefit all sports at Lincolnwood and asked if she could obtain bids and ideas for the project. Hopper said that he was in favor of the idea and said that he was sure the committee and the district could come up with something that was functional, safe and appealing.

Administrative Reports

In his report, Hopper said that the district had received a request from a student, Levi Weir, who wished to rehabilitate the auditorium stage floor for his Eagle Scout project.

Cowdrey and Gilpin asked what the district's liability would be for the project if the student was injured. Elvidge said that he believed that the student would be more focused on planning and site management than the actual physical labor.

Pitchford asked if the stage had been redone before. Hopper said possibly but not in the last 15 years. Elvidge also said that with the previous roof leaks, work definitely needed to be done on the stage.

In his report, Hopper also wrote about the district curriculum committee meeting on Feb. 15 and listed four areas of improvement: increasing collaboration among staff within the district; improving curriculum alignment both vertically and horizontally across the district, increasing the celebration of learning across the district and expanding social emotional learning within the district. The report also said the team will continue to work to develop these areas for improvement over the summer for the district improvement plan.

Hopper's report also mentioned Ready Set Read Week, which will be the week of March 3, with Camp Reads-A-Lot scheduled for March 7. The district will also be taking IAR (Illinois Assessment of Readiness) tests in March, which replace the PARCC tests that were given in previous years.

In his report, Elvidge touched on junior high and high school athletics, as well as the preparations for the spring musical and scheduling for the 2019-20 school year.

Elvidge also wrote about FFA Week and the junior high dance, which were both successes, and the scholarships available to Lincolnwood High School students.

Farmersville Grade School Principal Chris Paproth, who was unavailable to come to the meeting, wrote about the 100th day of school on Jan. 25, which was also the date of the preschool's family fun hour.

Paproth also wrote about the Young Author's contest on March 14, with the individual winners recognized on March 26. Other events in March include Jump Rope for Heart on March 8, Donuts with Dad on March 15, the spring book fair on March 18-21 and the family reading night on March 21, with Chef Bananas presenting a comedy routine from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

The board would go into closed session at 9:02 p.m. and would reconvene open session at 9:47 p.m. One motion, to keep executive session minutes for April 2018 to January 2019 closed, passed by a 7-0 margin before the board adjourned at 9:48 p.m. The board's next meeting will be on Monday, March 18, at 7 p.m. at the Lincolnwood High School library.


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