Please Check Your Facts About Rumors


Last week we had a very unpleasant experience when we learned that someone had posted malicious lies and gossip about us on Facebook. 

The false rumor accused us of trapping and killing cats, specifically a neighbor's cats. Posting the lie on a Facebook page led to several people believing the lie and posting their own nasty comments about us. 

Thankfully, the person who posted the accusation realized her error, apologized to us and took down the postings, for which we are very thankful. We might not have even known about it if a good friend had not seen the posting and called us to see if it was true. 

We have never trapped and killed cats or killed cats by any other means. We have never trapped cats and taken them to local veterinarians to be euthanized. Last week there was a cat in a raccoon trap we had set to catch a marauding raccoon, so I asked a neighbor if it was his, which he said it wasn't, then took the kitty to animal control. We would have contacted a neighbor who has had cats in the past, but she was not home, and it would have been cruel to leave the cat in the trap all day without food or water. So taking it to animal control was the most humane choice to make, and Amanda said she would post the cat on the AC Facebook page where the owner could find it. 

For those of you in Hillsboro who are cat lovers, please be kind to your animals and your neighbors by keeping your cats indoors, and be sure they have a collar with an ID tag and rabies tag in case they escape. Cats running free dig in flower beds and kill song birds. They are in danger of being hit by a car, which leaves the driver with the horrid memory of having run over someone's pet. Predators such as hawks, owls, foxes, bobcats and coyotes are plentiful in this area and are known to kill and eat cats. Dogs are also prone to attack cats when they prowl about. So if you like your cat, please protect it. 

And please check your facts about rumors you hear before slandering innocent people. 


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