Please Consider Creative Solutions To Save Recycling


I was greatly dismayed to hear of the impending closing of several recycling centers throughout the county and the shaky future of the recycling program as a whole.

I care deeply about the city and county's preservation, both currently and in the future.  I have lived in Raymond for five years, I have a daughter in the Raymond Junior High School and my history is here. My grandmother, Dolores Poggenpohl, was raised here, as were her ancestors. Her great-grandfather, Herman Aloysius Poggenpohl, who came from Germany, resided in the Montgomery County area.

Montgomery County's recycling program is an important service. By keeping recyclable waste out of growing landfills, we teach our youth to value our environment. By recycling these materials, less new products will need to be created out of valuable raw materials from the Earth.

Recycling will never be a program that makes money, but funding and providing services that are essential to current and future generations is a primary function of county and city government.

Personnel issues should not affect the long-term viability of a program, and may need to be addressed creatively in the short-term. There are a number of volunteers helping citizens carry and sort their recycling every Saturday at the Raymond collection site.  Perhaps the county could ask for assistance from its citizens in volunteering to aid in the program's continued viability.

Please consider creative solutions in the upcoming mayor's meeting and future county board meetings. More research should be done looking into successful recycling programs that have been implemented in other counties before making final decisions. We need to send the right message to the current residents and to their impressionable youth that we are committed to caring for our county and our planet. Let them know we can always find a way to make things work that are in the best interests of all Montgomery County citizens, decisions which honor our past, are agreeable to the present and protect our future.

Larissa Todt



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