Please Consider Donating To Nokomis Pool


As you have read in past editions of this newspaper, the current Nokomis Memorial Pool is structurally failing.  

The pool has been repaired numerous times since its 1966 build and has come to the end of its ability to be fixed with long-lasting integrity.  It is leaking water in an alarming amount–costing over $6,000 a month in the water bill alone–and uses half of the park's yearly expense funds with only three months of operation per year.  The only guaranteed long-term fix to the water loss is to construct a new pool.  

The Memorial Park and Pool board has applied for an Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) grant that will pay matching funds up to $350,000.  The new construction–which the board approved because of its use of existing, salvageable parts of the current pool to lower the cost, along with modern features that will attract attendees and meet state requirements–comes in at nearly $700,000. This means they will need to have $350,000 to secure the grant if approved.  If the pool were to borrow the full amount, the operational and county tax income would never cover the full amount borrowed along with interest before the loan is due to be paid along with the yearly expenses to operate it.  

This is why they are asking for your help. We have the opportunity to have $350,000 given to our community!  We have the opportunity to build a new pool that can serve the residents of Nokomis and the surrounding communities for many more years!

However, if the grant isn't secured and full amount raised, the board will have two choices to consider and decide: 1) have a liner put in and gutter replaced (with a $200,000 price tag and only a 10 year maximum factory defect warranty on the liner) with any amount raised over the cost being saved for future new construction/repairs, or  2) if not enough money is secured for the new construction or repair option, then close the pool and return all donations.  The board would hold a special meeting to allow citizens' input in making a decision.  Closing the pool is the last thing they want to do!

Please consider donating to this cause. You, your business or an organization of which you belong can do so by: a one time cash donation, hosting a fundraiser, assisting with a fundraiser, or doing all of these!  

The Nokomis Memorial Pool was built and has continued only because of caring, generous citizens and businesses along with volunteer efforts of past and present park board members.  Donations may be made payable and sent to: Nokomis Memorial Park Pool, P.O. Box 153, Nokomis, IL 62075.  

Please be sure to join the Nokomis Memorial Pool Fundraising page on Facebook to coordinate any planned fundraiser ideas and dates, and to keep up on the latest information. Thank you in advance for your help!


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