Progressive Communities Don't Go Backwards


Nearly five decades ago Hillsboro High School was asked to be part of a new recycling effort. 

The Biology Club, which I sponsored, was asked to help.   Back then the Biology Club helped the community recycle tin cans, glass and newspaper.  We worked on Saturday mornings at different venues over the years. Until my retirement in 2003 I continued to supervise students, who, with the support of the HHS faculty and administration, recycled paper weekly. 

Up until a few weeks ago the Life Skills Class was continuing the tradition of recycling at HHS–paper and plastic.  Many generations of students have grown up recycling and feel it is important.  Our children today learn about recycling in school and are excited to help.  Now we have to tell them it's a fantasy because we can't recycle here?

It's a shame the majority of the county board members don't consider the recycling program to be a high priority.  The closing of the recycling program in Montgomery County is a big step backwards!  Progressive communities don't go backwards.

If you are upset with the board's decision or feel betrayed, remember which eight board members voted to keep the recycling center open and support them.  Vote to remove those politicians who are moving the county backwards and replace them with progressive leaders, who may be able to reinstate the recycling program in the county.

Recycling has been part of our life for decades and should continue to be part of the county budget!  If you are passionate about recycling, work to hire creative and progressive board members who consider recycling to be a high priority and fire those who do not. 

Thank you to the eight board members who supported the recycling program. 

Ken Schaal



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