Proper Flag Etiquette On The Parade Route


As a member of the American Legion and VFW Honor Guard, it is an honor to carry the United States flag during the Old Settlers Day parade.  

Almost all of the people along the parade route stand, applaud and hold their hand over their heart.  Many veterans salute.   

However there are a few people, usually groups of people, who do not even stand.  This is very understandable for people who are handicapped or are in wheelchairs.  As we in the color guard walk by and people do not stand, we wonder if the people not standing do not respect the flag or have never been taught proper flag etiquette.  You would think they would do what other people are doing. 

Proper flag etiquette as the flag passes in a parade is as follows:

1. All people should stand and cease conversation.

2. Men with head cover should remove it.

3. All citizens should place their hand over their heart.

4. Veterans can give a formal salute.

5. Persons on active duty and in uniform give a formal salute. 


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