Raymond Approves Boy Scout Project


Members of the Raymond Village Board approved a project spearheaded by the Raymond Boy Scouts Troop 277 to construct a firepit by Memorial Park during their meeting on Monday evening, March 1, at the village hall.

The firepit will be used to respectfully dispose of worn U.S. flags during Ceremonial Burning Assemblies they hold with local American Legion members. The firepit–four blocks deep and five blocks wide–would cost $1,100. The troop is hopeful the project will be completed by late April.

Following the presentation, Trustee Dan Hough made a motion to approve the project, which was seconded by Bernhardt. All present voted in favor.

As part of the discussion regarding a request for private tile at a new residence being constructed in the Wild Rose subdivision, Mayor Held was informed that it is private property. Therefore, the landowners are not required to seek permission to install a drain and tile up the cul de sac. Pennock advised that if it will help drain the road, he would like to see the work completed. The issue was tabled again until next month’s meeting.

Scott Hunt of WHKS presented the motor fuel tax (MFT) agreement before the board, in total of $58,000. Mayor Held, as well as the clerk, signed the agreement.

In golf course news, Golf Course Superintendent Nick Hornbuckle received a bid for a half acre of bluegrass sod for $12,000. The board made and approved a motion to approve purchasing bluegrass sod not to exceed $12,000.

As part of the water and sewer report, Water and Sewer Superintendent Rick Broaddus expressed his gratitude for those who helped with the water main break, including the cities of Taylorville and Pawnee and the Illinois Water Association.

In streets and alleys, Mike Masten reported that the village will be pouring another layer of rock.

The resignation of part-time police officer Kim Wills was accepted with a motion made by Pennock and seconded by Hough. The board advised that a schedule needs to be created and that they would like to receive summary reports of hours worked and any incidents to be noted.

In a few final notes, the village received CARES act funding and plans to compensate those who helped secure it. Additionally, a new ice cream shop will be coming to town. Those in attendance were Mayor Denny Held and trustees Greg Bernhardt, Dan Hough and Robert Pennock. Trustees Bruce Poggenpohl and Bill Krager were absent. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


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