Raymond Village Board Prepares For Celebration


Raymond Village Board held a meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 3.

Mayor Dennis Held began the meeting by reading cards and notes that had been received from individuals, groups and agencies from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, extending sympathies on the loss of Police Chief Valerie Sheldon. The notes will be passed on to Chief Sheldon's family.

In streets and alleys, Trustee Poggenpohl stated that the Raymond Celebration is fast approaching and the stage is scheduled to be set up around Sunday, June 9, though it will require some work. He also reported that the rock ramp needs to be put back into place for removal and re-entry of the stage both before and after the celebration. Trustee Poggenpohl reported on the condition of the grass at the golf course near the highway. The board discussed the issue and the matter will be resolved. 

Trustee Poggenpohl also re-raised a previous discussion on finding an alternate burn site, as the current location is too close to residents and the golf course. He asked the board to consider ideas and alternatives to improve the situation, ideally a spot on the edge of the village. 

The matter was tabled for further consideration. Trustee Poggenpohl reported that the new signs have been installed on the Greenwalt Building.

In finance, Trustee Summers stated that the village has a CD that will come due in June. The village clerk will send bid requests out for current rates.

In police, part-time officer Matt Workman was present to discuss additional information that he had received from vendors regarding the potential gaming installation at the golf course. 

The costs are estimated to be minimal as many of the materials are already in place. The village board gave Officer Workman the go-ahead to invite one to two terminal vendors to look around and to discuss their thoughts with the board. 

Officer Workman stated that he was assisting with putting together two shadow boxes with replicas of Chief Sheldon's badge, patch, name tag and other pins, to be given to her children. He asked the board to donate the patches. The board unanimously agreed. Officer Workman estimated that the boxes will cost around $210 and the board offered to cover the cost of both boxes.

Incoming golf superintendent Drew Eilerman was present to discuss his suggestions for cosmetic adjustments and improvements to the golf course, as well as the status on repairs to some of the equipment. 

Superintendent Eilerman stated that rock had been placed on the cart path as discussed in the last meeting. Trustee Hough mentioned that he had received reports that there was some damage to the fence along the cemetery.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


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