Raymond's Village Board Remembers Chief Sheldon


The Village of Raymond held a City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 22. Mayor Dennis Held began the meeting by asking for a moment of silence in memory of Raymond's Police Chief Valerie Sheldon.

Trustee Dan Hough read a message that had been directed to the board from Police Chief Sheldon's family. The letter thanked the community for the love, support, thoughts and prayers for Chief Sheldon and her family during this difficult time. It stated that Chief Sheldon was proud to call Raymond her place of work and how much she loved the community and the people within it. Trustee Hough personally commended Chief Sheldon for creating and maintaining a strong relationship with the residents of Raymond.

Mayor Held noted that Hough Funeral Home in Raymond did an excellent job arranging Chief Sheldon's funeral services. The board expressed their appreciation to the community for all of their efforts in putting the vigil together and setting out luminaries, to Boy Scout Troop #77 for putting up flags and to surrounding municipalities for their kind words, thoughts, prayers and assistance. Police Chief Sheldon touched many lives and made many friends throughout her career and cards were received from as far away as California.

In lieu of flowers, the village provided a food donation for the family's immediate needs, as well as the flag that was draped over her casket - as is the village's policy. The board discussed making a financial donation to the memorial fund for Chief Sheldon's sons' educational needs. The motion was unanimously approved and a $1,000 donation will be presented to the Valerie Sheldon Memorial Fund. It was then brought to the board's attention that there have been individual solicitations made for contributions to recent memorial funds. The board advises residents that no personal solicitations are valid, that all memorial fund accounts are set up at local banks and that donations should only be made at these specific credible financial institutions.

Trustee Robert Pennock then made a motion to approve the minutes of the Monday, May 6, meeting and the financial report for the month of May, with all present voting in favor.

In streets and alleys, Mayor Held presented a proposal for $410 from the Vinyl Guy for signage for the new building. The board voted to accept the proposal. Trustee Bruce Poggenpohl stated that junk week is fast approaching and will order the roll off(s). The annual celebration is approaching and portable toilets will need to be ordered, as well as arranging for power meters to be turned on. The board discussed some clogged culverts in town, the excessive amount of rain flow, size of the culverts and grade elevations. While this year has been exceptionally wet, the village is working diligently to clean the culverts and asks that residents help to maintain ditches near their property and keep leaves clear of culverts.

In water and sewer, Mayor Held stated the Hurst-Rosche, Inc.  sent a proposal in the amount of $1,400 for the preparation of the 2019 sludge management reports that will be completed in two phases. The council voted in favor of accepting the proposal.

In finance, it was reported to the council that the McDavid Fund CD has been reissued for 24 months with interest to compound and transfers to the checking account for use of non-village related expenses such as Post Prom and other similar donations.

In police, part-time officer Matt Workman expressed he would be willing to step up and do what he can to assist the village in maintaining a police presence, in addition to any state and county coverage. Officer Workman mentioned that State Representative Avery Bourne asked for a moment of silence at the recent legislative session, in honor of Chief Sheldon's service and dedication to the Village of Raymond. AlsoRepresentative Rodney Davis spoke about Chief Sheldon on the U.S. House floor. The board expressed their gratitude and appreciation for Representatives Bourne and Davis for making gestures recognizing Chief Sheldon.

In golf, Trustee Bill Krager reported that the course needs rock placed at the center of the bridge and on parts of the cart paths as the result of the recent rain. The board discussed the matter at length and will have rock sent to the course. Mayor Held stated that the new carts are scheduled to arrive mid-June, at which time the old carts may be readied for sale. The board discussed inquiries that had been received about adding video gaming and machines at the pro shop, they decided to seek out more information and details from possible vendors and to readdress the suggestion at a later date. The board expressed their gratitude to Lincolnwood Future Farmers of America for their generous donation of flowers, which were used for the planters on Broad Street in addition to the golf course.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.