Rick Is A Man Of Principle And Conviction


Nearly four years ago I was elected by the citizens of the city of Hillsboro to serve on her city council as the Public Health and Safety Commissioner.

During those four years I have developed a close friendship and excellent working relationship with our undersheriff, Rick Robbins.  So much, if not all, of Rick's record as a United States Marine, law enforcement officer and public servant is already out there for public consumption.  I would like to speak to you about the man.

First for some humor.  When I called Rick and told him I was looking out my window for a sign, he assured me there would be one there tomorrow.  That next morning I opened my curtains and found a piece of printed paper taped to my window that read, "Robbins for Sheriff–Your Vote Counts."

While a humorous story, it speaks volumes about Rick.  He is a man of his word.  Be it a handshake or a spoken commitment, Rick always follows through.  Though the campaign was not ready to put out signs, he made sure that there was a sign in my window.

What I have appreciated the most about Rick is that he is always available for a phone call.  No matter the issue, Rick will always give you the colorful advice of a Marine first and then temper it by saying, "tell me what you think."  He will spend time with you to help you craft an opinion and to build a thought process.  He will challenge you to come to your own conclusions.

Challenge. That is a word that Rick knows all too well.  He lives for the challenge of whatever the task may be.  His campaign slogan reads, "Your safety is my business" and I firmly believe that there is no challenge so great that will present itself that Rick will not meet head-on and overcome as our next sheriff.

Most importantly, Rick is a man of principle and conviction.  Whether it is speaking extemporaneously or in a well-rehearsed speech, the passion and zest that Rick has for life is never far from the surface.  While we may not have always agreed on every subject we have discussed over these four years, I have always appreciated the calculated intensity and energy that Rick always brings to our conversations and I have profited from that greatly.

I would like to offer my endorsement to Rick Robbins as a citizen, an elected official, and most importantly as a good friend.  I know that as he represents us he will work tirelessly, selflessly and professionally to represent all that is best in Montgomery County.


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