Schram City Begins Lift Station Project


During their monthly board meeting held Monday evening, Feb. 10, members of the Schram City Village Board made a motion to prohibit cannabis sales inside the village  in a 4-1 vote; Trustee Kelvin Stewart voted no and Trustee Pat Rhoades was absent.

President Albert Oberle presented an update on the water main replacement phase I and phase II project. Oberle announced that the village was not selected for the Community Development Block Grant from the IEPA. However, the village president asked the board for permission to re-submit the grant application at no additional cost, seeking $500,000 to complete the project.

“In the current grant that we have right now, we have to pay out own administrative services ($24,000),” said Oberle. “But after talking to Brown & Roberts since we were unsuccessful in this application, they will re-write the grant at no cost.”

Oberle informed the board that there is a grant workshop Friday, Feb. 21, where he will learn more about each new grant offered.

To encourage business investment, the village president said Montgomery County is working on re-establishing the enterprise zone. The village receive certification that continues, beginning Jan. 1, 2020, which will be in effect for an initial 15 calendar years, expiring on Dec. 31, 2034.

As the 2020 Dicennial Census Day approaches on April 4, Oberle asked Water Clerk Marcia Eller to order stickers to place on this month’s and next month’s water bills. He also reported that he signed off on maps and locations of all the homes located inside the village, and that census takers–who will have proper identification–will be knocking on doors.

“It’s really important that Montgomery County has a good census because we’re trying to reach the 30,000 mark,” said Oberle. According to the village president, the 2010 census had over 31,000, and the county later learned that there were 5,000 residents who didn’t perform a census.

Oberle has been working with the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation on strategic planning by constructing a list of the county’s strengths, needs and what opportunities they offer, as well as grant writing. 

In equipment news, the village has been borrowing resident Kent Stewart’s box/scraper blade. Oberle inquired about a new 6 ft. blade and asked the board if they’d approve purchasing it at $1,350 from Nail’s Power Equipment in Litchfield. 

He added that village workers use it to scrape alleys, so it is a commonly used tool.

Treasurer Lois Guinn reported a high sewer bill due to the amount of rain. Oberle said board members will notice a $200 deficit from the fall festival fund as they just received the power bill from last year’s event.

During an update on the lift stations, Oberle reported that an Echo water pump “locked up” and had to be fixed. The village purchased a spare pump at $360 from Nail’s Power Equipment.

The lift station project began this week at Saathoff’s pump station, which was cleaned on Monday. However, Oberle said there was some infiltration.

“Everything is here pump and control-wise with the exception of the four horsepower pumps,” said Oberle. “At the rate things are going, it’ll take at least a week per lift station.”

At each lift station, village workers will blast walls, fix any cracks and will coat, which requires two days of dry time, then material will be installed. 

A brand new well and flow meter will be placed at the Big 4 lift station. Oberle said they will build the system and tie the old lines into it. 

According to the village president, the biggest concern is that some power lines that feed the current lift stations may be underground. If that is the case, Oberle said there will be additional work and the village will have to purchase conduit.

The village’s current control panels that are mounted on wood are now out of code, therefore Mondin Electric will install new stainless steel cabinets to mount the panels on.

The lift station by the DMV will be re-routed down the alley and many new sewer lines will be placed. Munchler’s lift station will also require a lot of work, Oberle said. He has not received a construction schedule, but hopes to get one soon.

In street and alleyway news, Kevin Tuetken noted some basketball rims that are almost on the street. He added that the culvert by Washington and Walnut in Kortkamp is visible and smashed in as the road has collapsed.

Oberle said another project is in the works as a gas line on the old glass factory property is exposed. Samples holes have been drilled and Ameren will be running a new line.

Community member Bill Wright asked for a copy of all existing ordinances and will be in touch with Oberle to review them. 

He also mentioned that his Consolidated Communications pedestal box still needs to be repaired. Oberle said there were several around the village and that he will call Consolidated Communications on the matter.

A fall festival meeting will follow the next monthly meeting, which will be held Monday, March 9, beginning at 6 p.m. at the village hall.


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