Schram City Village Board Accepting Electrical Bids


Following a brief executive session, members of the Schram City Village Board discussed the village's electricity aggregation contract and were given several updates during their monthly meeting held Monday evening, March 11, at the village hall.

Trustee Earl Eller was absent from the meeting.

The Schram City Village Board is now accepting electricity aggregation bids at the conclusion of their contract which expires in July. Village trustees received a bid review sheet, however President Albert Oberle will request a new set of bids to explore for next month's meeting. Contracted with Homefield, the village's current rate is .054 per kilowatt. Oberle informed board members the current rate for Ameren is .048.

Village attorney Alicia Granito was on hand to give an ordinance violation update, advising the board that a property is currently being cleaned up and will be enclosed prior to next month's meeting. Granito also advised there is no conflict of interest regarding Oberle filling in as zoning officer so long as he is not compensated.

While the village is preparing to replace the lift stations, low income surveys were presented to Brown and Roberts, Inc. in Springfield and environmental permits are being obtained as part of the Community Development Block Grant. Oberle received drawings of the water lines from Prairie Engineers, and will now mark where water lines were replaced in 2003 for Brown and Roberts, Inc.

During their discussion on the emergency operations plan, Oberle said he will be meeting with Taylor Springs and Hillsboro leadership at the end of the month and encouraged trustees to join him. Oberle asked Hillsboro Police Chief Randy Leetham what role the auxiliary police play in disasters, with Leetham advising they will be under his direction and will serve where needed.

Additionally, Leetham provided the board with a police report, stating the standoff situation that occurred in Decemeber was proccessed. Oberle then reminded those in attendance that they are to call the Hillsboro Police Department in the event of a situation as there were some recent issues with dispatching.

Area trustee reports included standing water, junk, a street sign down at the corner of Route 16 and 22nd Street and several potholes, some of which have recently been filled. 

"The majority of the roads have been oiled and rocked for the last 20 years and they're too high," said Oberle. He told board members that remains from grinding the roads could be placed in the alleys to build a base and help prevent some potholes.

As temperatures rise and the grass begins to grow, the Schram City Village Board will discuss replacing the old Case tractor for the upcoming mowing season during next month's meeting. Additionally, grant requests have been completed in an attempt to purchase a new truck with a snow plow.

Trustee Pat Rhodes asked Oberle if village employee Scott Spencer received back pay and if there was any progress on replacing the water meters. Oberle said village employees have changed several pits and will continue working on the project. 

Due to inclement weather during last year's annual Fall Festival, the event was canceled as well as the entertainment by Elvis. Oberle said Elvis agreed to honor his contract and presented the committee with dates he's available for this year's festival. In order to keep the event during the fall season, board members agreed to Sept. 7.

Before adjourning, the board encouraged residents to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming April election. Next month's meeting will be held Monday, April 8, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Schram City Village Hall. 

The public is encouraged to attend.