Shameful People Misrepresent Themselves As Veterans


Since recently moving to Hillsboro, I have enjoyed the gracious discount for police and veterans at the Dairy Queen in Hillsboro.  I have always shown my proof of military service when asked to do so.

On one of my recent trips to Dairy Queen, I went through the drive-through as I have many times and asked for the military discount.  When preparing to pay for my order at the window, I was told that this discount had to be discontinued.  

I asked why. The employee politely told me this had to be discontinued because too many people had misrepresented themselves as veterans and were unable to provide evidence upon request.

I would like to thank Dairy Queen for its gracious discount that I have enjoyed and would like to emphasize the shameful conduct of people who misrepresent themselves as veterans and have not earned the privilege as we veterans do.