SHATTERING LINES • Asking For God’s Love Every Day


The last week, since the Coronavirus stay at home order has been put in place, I have been wondering what I can do to help others in need. Since I myself am considered high risk, I'm limited on my outings. But one thing I know I can do is encourage others through writing, hoping it helps even just one person.

Back in 2009, when I was in college at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN, I found a message in one of my textbooks that said: “Pray to God to feel the need for love. Instead of asking God to take the feelings away, pray for Him to replace the feelings with his presence and love. Pray too for patience, these things take time as there are always lessons to be learned.”

I read through the prayer several times, knowing God was speaking to me. I remember that I was struggling with my emotions. At the time, I always felt like God had left me, which was and still is, completely untrue, because God says in many Bible scriptures that He will never forsake us. 

Even years later I tend to rely on how I'm feeling in most scenarios, which gets me into trouble. I guess you could say I want to always have that heart-soaring spiritual high where everything is great. Like I'm Julie Andrews spinning and singing at the opening of The Sound of Music. Life has hardships, but relying on God can help me through.

So, instead of passing the prayer on to someone else, I decided to keep it. I like keeping God's love letters to me. Call it selfish, but I struggled for years believing God really loved me, and I still struggle at times, but He calms my heart and my fears. Having a reminder of His love for me keeps me sane in times of turmoil.

For a few years, I had forgotten about that note/prayer. Then about a year-and-a-half ago, I was looking for something, and I found it in the bottom of a box. A little more worn than before, but the prayer was still intact.

I wanted to share the prayer so many times in different settings, but the time never presented itself. However, those words that comforted me back when I found the prayer in my textbook, still apply today, especially with what's going on today in March 2020.

We need love, and we need to ask God to replace our feelings (anxiety, anger, madness, etc.), with His presence and love. Things do take time, and we need to heed His lessons because there is always something to be learned.


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