SHATTERING LINES • God’s Surprise ‘Comb’


Back in the summer of 2010, while I was living in Springfield, I received a call from my mom telling me that my Grandma Mollet wasn't doing very well. She was in the nursing home in Greenville, and although she was stable, my mom thought I needed to see her, just in case.

Then my sister Dawn called me and said she was coming to Springfield to get me so I wouldn't have to drive to Greenville by myself. I told her I would be fine, but she insisted. And, as she always tells me, "That's what sisters are for."  

I left work and headed home to pack a bag. When Dawn arrived, she told me that I should take my scissors in case Grandma wanted her hair cut. I used to be a cosmetologist several years before, and my grandma always liked when I would cut her hair during our visits.

My grandma looked pretty frail when we first showed up, but after awhile she began to look a bit more alert. Dawn told grandma that I brought my scissors, and that she would help hold her up while I cut her hair. 

At that moment, I realized I didn't have a comb. I ran out to the car to see if I had one in my bag, but I didn't. I even looked inside my sister's car, but I still came up empty-handed.

As I shut the car door to head back in, I thought to myself "I guess I can just cut it without a comb." All of a sudden on the other side of my sister's car I saw something in the empty parking stall. My eyes widened when I saw that it was a comb. I picked it up and maybe squealed a bit. The comb was dirty and pretty beat up, but it was a comb. I looked up to the sky and thanked God for providing what I needed and hurried back inside.

After sharing the news of what I found, I washed the comb thoroughly with soap and water, scrubbing it clean with paper towels. While I cut grandma's hair, my sister helped to hold her steady. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with grandma, and we even got to see the rest of my family who came to visit her as well.

I was so thankful that my grandma pulled through that day. I even had a chance to cut her hair during my many other visits with her. Sadly, on March 16, 2011, she passed away, but I'm thankful for all of the years I had with her. 

I have many memories with my grandma, but this particular one stands out the most. That day, God provided that comb. To most people it may be just a comb, but to me, it represents His goodness.

That day,  I didn't throw it back down and say "No way. I can't use that on my grandma! It's gross and dirty!" I picked it up, washed it off, and used it for its purpose. 

And just like me, who feels beat and worn out many times, God says "Here, let me wash you clean, because I can still use you."  To this day, I still have the comb. Although I don't use it, it reminds me that God's provision is always bigger than any situation I face or will ever face, big or small.


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