SHATTERING LINES • Shattering Lines To Become A Published Author


I spent several years asking different people for advice, looking up how to publish a book, even going back to college, but it wasn't until a few months back that my dreams came true. And, after years of trying to figure out how to publish a book, I can say I am now officially an author.

I saw the commercial for Christian Faith Publishing many times while flipping through the channels. Like many things on television, I wondered how true it actually was. Then back around November of last year, my brother Jody told me that I needed to look into the company. So I sent for the information. I mean it wasn't going to hurt to see what they had to offer.

A couple of weeks later, I received a call from one of their agents, Jessica, who explained how everything would work regarding publishing. Finally someone answered the questions I had for so many years.

I mulled it over for some time, and thought to myself, "I'm going to do it." I didn't tell anyone that I was going to do it. I thought that if I sent my manuscript in and it got rejected, no one would know but me.

I called Jessica on Dec. 3, and she walked me through the process of uploading my manuscript. She told me I would hear from them in a couple of weeks to see if my book would be accepted.

Not even a week went by and I received the call from her,  telling me that my book was going to be published. Talk about a dream come true. The very first person I told was my dad. He just happened to stop by work, and I just had to tell someone. He was super excited for me, but I told him not to tell my mom because I wanted to do it in person.

After the newness of knowing that my book was going to be published, I settled into the fact that there was and is a lot more work to do. And, I will admit that even though it is an exciting adventure, it's also overwhelming at times, but in a good way.  

No one really tells you what goes along with publishing a book. It's not just submitting a manuscript and "DING!" a book pops out. But, Christian Faith Publishing didn't leave me out in the cold. 

I was told upfront that I would be involved in the process, including giving my approval on each and every thing that the company does with my book, including the text and illustrations. So far I have  given approval of what I like and what I don't, but so far, I've liked everything they have done, and I cannot wait to see the finished product (which I was told will be around February 2020).

I always thought that everything I have ever written would be left in the file folder I have stored in my closet. It's a great feeling to know that something has been taken out, and that someone will read my book that I worked so hard on. 

No matter what dreams are stirring in your heart and mind, don't ever give up on them. Although it may take years for a dream to come into reality, it's totally worth the work. It can be hard to continue coming up short when you want something so much, but in the long run it is totally worth it, if you keep working and don't give up.


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