Short Agenda For Nokomis Council


The first 2020 meeting of the Nokomis city council was called to order on Monday, Jan. 13, by Mayor Russ Foster.  All council members were present.

It was an extremely expedient council meeting owing to the brief agenda available for the session.  The council immediately dispatched with regular business and acted on a motion by Commissioner Derek Durbin to move officer Logan Renfro from part-time to full-time.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Jocko Nash and passed unanimously by the council.  Nash then presented a motion to hire Jonathan Albright as a part-time officer.  This motion was seconded by Commissioner Mike Holliday and also unanimously approved by the council.

Due to information from Montgomery County Economic Development being received too late to review by Commissioner Ann Brookshire, Foster suggested, and Durbin made the motion, to table discussion of the topic until the Jan. 27 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Nash and approved by a unanimous vote.

Similarly, Nash had not received updated information pertinent to the agenda item of park lights at Shane Cole and Fred B. Johnson parks.  Subsequently, Nash made a motion to move this item to the agenda of the Jan. 27 meeting also.  Durbin seconded this motion and it too was unanimously approved by the council on a roll call vote.

While the council acted on these items, the meeting was joined by resident Cynthia Crowe, who was then recognized by Mayor Foster and given the floor.  Crowe voiced concern over large metal buildings around the city.  

She respectfully voiced the opinion that it doesn’t "look nice" in the residential areas and may even be detrimental to property values.  Readily acknowledging that existing buildings would be grandfathered in to any action, she wondered if the building codes could be "tweaked" to regulate or limit such construction in the future.  

Foster volunteered to review any existing codes and contact her in the near future to discuss the matter further in more detail after his findings.

The council went into closed session at 7:10 p.m. on a motion by Durbin. The council returned from executive session on a motion by Nash and on a motion by Nash approved the release of executive session minutes from June 24, 2019 with the exceptions of page 1, lines 11, 24, and 25; page 2, lines 12 and 13; and page 4, paragraph 5, line 6 and 7.  The motion was seconded by Durbin and approved unanimously on a roll call vote.

Nash moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:32 p.m., seconded by Durbin.


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