Suggestions For Graham Career Technology Class


I envision Graham Correctional Center's career technology class updating its software to reflect more current technology.

It is almost 2020.  The Practical Microsoft Office 2010 book is almost ten years old.  The Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University book is almost 12 years old.  Hopefully, the Dave Ramsey course and Microsoft book will be updated.

Maybe a few business people from surrounding businesses would like to talk to the future students of career technology classes to share their perspectives on what they look for in hiring potential employees.  Possibly, these business people speaking with career tech students would consider hiring a few of the students who live within the surrounding area.

More time could be spent with Career Scope.  I believe most prisoners do not know exactly what their skills and aptitudes are.  A few more skill assessments with more discussion could spark understanding as to what jobs would benefit the uncertain career tech pupils.

Providing more good time credits for career tech students who average an A grade would provide an incentive for all to do their best.  Twenty good time credit days for an A grade, 18 days for a B grade and 17 days for a C grade would spark competition and extra incentive to perform well.

Having each career tech student create his own graphics and directions for the increase of morale and profit for the boot company project would be another competition that could be awarded with a certificate for best presentation.  I would still keep the group projects, too.

Finally, I would schedule all Microsoft chapters with the corresponding class work on the same day.  I studied Microsoft chapters that I had class work for the following week.  Having to remember difficult subjects that I learned for the first time in the Practical Microsoft Office book, then completing the matching class work the following week is rough.

Overall, I learned plenty in the career tech class.  I hope my suggestions for betterment of the class happen.


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