Thank You, President Trump And Ameren


When President Trump implemented his tax cuts, as senior citizens on basically fixed income, we weren't sure we would personally benefit from those tax cuts, but we have benefited. This is how. 

We have participated in Ameren's Power Smart Pricing program for 11 years and nine months, saving us an estimated $2,307.94. For the month of January 2020 alone, we saved $39.80. 

For the first several years, until Mr. Trump took office and his tax cuts took effect, there would be months where the hourly electric rates would be quite high, but by limiting our high power use to hours where the rates were low, we saved money. After Mr. Trump's tax cuts took effect, however, and Ameren passed those tax cuts on to their customers, we have seen the hourly rates reduced to less than $.03 per kw hour most of the time. But for the last year, we are seeing hourly rates of less than $.02 per kw hour, not only during the late evening to early morning hours, but even during normal waking hours. We never saw these kinds of rates before President Trump's tax cuts. 

So we say, “Thank you, President Trump, and thank you Ameren, for doing this for AmerenIL customers.”


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