Thankful Differences Don’t Define Us


As fields in the center of Montgomery County erupted in flames Saturday afternoon–thought to be caused by a spark from a passing train–first responders, volunteers, farmers and others all came together to put out this deadly threat to life and property.  The dry conditions, with little rain in the last month and high winds made for an almost impossible fight.

Fields were lost in a swath nearly seven miles in length and four miles wide. The home of Don and Brenda Edwards was directly in the path of the flames and was completely destroyed.

In the northern part of the county Nokomis, Raymond-Harvel departments fought flames as well as Witt, Irving crews battled fires around Irving.

Volunteer fire departments from as far as Edinburg and Mt. Auburn and six counties responded to help our local crews battle the flames around the county.  The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office asked for farmers’ help to disc up fields to act as a fire break and many showed up to help.

At least one firefighter from Shoal Creek Fire Protection District was taken to the hospital with an injury in fighting the flames.

It’s times like these that we realize we are all in this together and can be very thankful that we don’t let our differences define us. 

We thank our emergency responders and all our citizenry who work to help others in these times of crisis. 


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