Toppers Take Fourth At Morrisonville


If nothing else, the Hillsboro High School volleyball team definitely got their money’s worth out of their trip to the 34th Annual Morrisonville Lady Mohawk Tournament. Three of Hillsboro’s four pool play games went to three sets, with the fourth needing extra points to determine a winner.

The Toppers started the tournament on Wednesday, Sept. 29, with play in the Gray Pool. Their first game set the tone as they battled Taylorville’s JV squad to a three-set win, 25-20, 23-25, 15-8, behind 16 kills from Layne Rupert.

The next game would be nearly as close as Hillsboro and Edinburg traded blowout wins, 25-16 for the Toppers and 25-14 for the Wildcats, before Hillsboro snuck past with a 15-10 third set win. Rupert reached double digit kills in that game too, posting 11, while leading the team in digs with 13, one more than teammate Isabella White.

Hillsboro finished off a perfect night with a win over Greenview, which might as well have been in three sets. The Toppers dispatched the Bulldogs in two games, but it took a 30-28 performance in game one and a 26-24 decision in game two.

After the nail-biters on Wednesday, it was only fitting that the Toppers closed out pool play with another three-setter on Saturday, Oct. 2. Taking on Tri-City/Sangamon Valley for a chance to play in the title game later that day, Hillsboro won the first set, 25-23, but fell 25-17 in the second set. In the rubber match, Tri-City/Sangamon Valley would sneak past the Toppers 15-13 to spoil Hillsboro’s chances at a tourney title.

Instead, Hillsboro ended up in a three-way tie with Tri-City/Sangamon Valley and the Taylorville JV squad. Tri-City/Sangamon Valley’s homecoming was that night, so they opted not to participate in the final game, but Hillsboro and Taylorville’s JV would battle for third and first respectively.

The Toppers saw a familiar face across the court in the third place game as they took on Montgomery County rival Lincolnwood. The Lancers, who were co-op with Morrisonville and were playing a home game of sorts, kept Hillsboro from taking it to a third set as they had done so many times before in the tournament and beat the Toppers 25-11, 25-14 to sew up third.

In addition to their fourth place finish, Hillsboro also landed a player on the all-tournament team as Layne Rupert was selected for her play throughout the week. Rupert had 49 kills and 43 digs for the Toppers in five games, while Isabella White had 50 digs for HHS.

At Greenville

In between trips to the Morrisonville Tournament, the Hillsboro girls also played at Greenville in a South Central Conference match-up. The Comets were originally schedules to come to Hillsboro, but the game was moved to Greenville due to the masking policy at HHS and the Comets took the win in straight sets, 25-20, 25-18.

Greenville jumped out to an early 5-0 lead in game one, but Hillsboro battled back to tie the game at 7-7. The score would be tied at 8-8 and 9-9 as well, before the Toppers took a brief 10-9 lead, their first of the game.

Hillsboro would regain the lead after the Comets tied the score at 10 and led by two at one point before a five-point run by Greenville turned the tide. The Comets picked up the pace and led by as many as five, but Hillsboro rallied to tie the game at 20. Unfortunately, Greenville got the side out after that and served their way to a five-point win.

In game two, the two teams traded points before the Comets went on a run to take a 7-2 lead. Greenville wouldn’t trail the rest of the way out and improved to 7-11 overall and 2-1 in the SCC. With the loss, Hillsboro moved to 0-3 in the conference.

On Monday, Oct. 4, the Hiltoppers will have a rematch with Lincolnwood. The game was originally scheduled to be at home, but was moved to Lincolnwood due to the masking policy at HHS.

Sept. 29 at Morrisonville

Morrisonville Tournament

Hillsboro 25 23 15

Taylorville JV 20 25 8

Hillsboro Statistics

Service Points: Emilee Roemelin 9, Kinley Richardson 7, Isabella White 4. Aces: Emilee Roemelin 3, Layne Rupert 1, Sophia Blankenship 1. Kills: Layne Rupert 16, Alayna McCario 5, Sophia Blankenship 5. Assists: Kinley Richardson 15, Emilee Roemelin 6. Digs: Isabella White 19, Layne Rupert 7, Emilee Roemelin 5. Blocks: Sophia Blankenship 1.

Sept. 29 at Morrisonville

Morrisonville Tournament

Hillsboro 25 14 15

Edinburg 16 25 10

Hillsboro Statistics

Service Points: Emilee Roemelin 8, Sophia Blankenship 7, Abbigail Schreiber 6. Aces: Sophia Blankenship 2, Kinley Richardson 1. Kills: Layne Rupert 11, Alayna McCario 7, Sophia Blankenship 3, Kenadie Carlock 1, Emilee Roemelin 1, Tatum Christian 1. Assists: Kinley Richardson 12, Emilee Roemelin 2, Adyson McCammack 1, Abbigail Schreiber 1. Digs: Layne Rupert 13, Isabella White 12, Emilee Roemelin 5. Blocks: Sophia Blankenship 2, Adyson McCammack 1.

Sept. 29 at Morrisonville

Morrisonville Tournament

Hillsboro 30 26

Greenview 28 24

Hillsboro Statistics

Service Points: Sophia Blankenship 6, Abbigail Schreiber 5, Emilee Roemelin 4. Aces: Isabella White 2, Layne Rupert 1. Kills: Layne Rupert 9, Tatum Christian 3, Sophia Blankenship 2. Assists: Kinley Richardson 11, Emilee Roemelin 3. Digs: Isabella White 11, Layne Rupert 8, Emilee Roemelin 4, Abbigail Schreiber 4. Blocks: Adyson McCammack 2, Layne Rupert 2, Tatum Christian 1. 

Sept. 30 at Greenville

Hillsboro 20 18

Greenville 25 25

Hillsboro Statistics

Service Points: Layne Rupert 5, Emilee Roemelin 5, Isabella White 4, Kinley Richardson 2, Abbigail Schreiber 1. Aces: Layne Rupert 2, Kinley Richardson 1. Kills: Layne Rupert 5, Tatum Christian 2, Alayna McCario 2, Adyson McCammack 1, Sophia Blankenship 1. Assists: Kinley Richardson 6, Emilee Roemelin 2. Digs: Layne Rupert 12, Isabella White 9, Emilee Roemelin 9, Kinley Richardson 7, Abbigail Schreiber 4, Tatum Christian 1. Blocks: Adyson McCammack 2, Addison Lowe 1.

Oct. 2 at Morrisonville

Morrisonville Tournament

Hillsboro 25 17 13

Tri-City/SV 23 25 15

Hillsboro Statistics

Aces: Sophia Blankenship 7, Layne Rupert 1, Isabella White 1, Kinley Richardson 1. Kills: Layne Rupert 10, Alayna McCario 9, Emilee Roemelin 5, Adyson McCammack 2, Sophia Blankenship 1. Assists: Kinley Richardson 11, Emilee Roemelin 9. Digs: Emilee Roemelin 14, LayneRupert 11, Kinley Richardson 9, Sophia Blankenship 6, Isabella White 5, Abbigail Schreiber 5. Blocks: Sophia Blankenship 4, Adyson McCammack 3.

Oct. 2 at Morrisonville

Morrisonville Tournament

Hillsboro 11 14

Lincolnwood 25 25

Hillsboro Statistics

Kills: Layne Rupert 3, Alayna McCario 3, Emilee Roemelin 1, Tatum Christian 1. Assists: Kinley Richardson 5, Emilee Roemelin 1. Digs: Emilee Roemelin 5, Layne Rupert 4, Isabella White 3, Kinley Richardson 1, Abbigail Schreiber 1.

Lincolnwood Statistics

Service Points: Desi Pitchford 17, Sidney Glick 6, Hailee Belsher 5, Haelee Damm 3. Aces: Desi Pitchford 6, Sidney Glick 2, Hailee Belsher 1, Haelee Damm 1. Kills: Hailee Belsher 17, Tessa Funderburk 4, Sidney Glick 2, Haelee Damm 2, Jazmin Seaton-Hobson 2, Desi Pitchford 1. Assists: Tessa Funderburk 15, Avery Pope 5. Blocks: Hailee Belsher 1. Digs: Hailee Belsher 8, Jasmine Vickery 8, Sidney Glick 7, Haelee Damm 5, Avery Pope 4, Desi Pitchford 3, Jazmin Seaton-Hobson 2, Tessa Funderburk 1.

Records: Hillsboro (8-11); Lincolnwood (21-4).


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